How to choose a lawyer: useful tips

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To protect our own rights and interests, we often have to seek qualified legal assistance. The issue of choosing a lawyer should be taken with complete seriousness so as not to lose time, money, nerves and get a legitimate result in the case. What is worth remembering when choosing a specialist, said a practicing lawyer, a permanent expert in the acute social talk show "One for All" at STB Sergei Kostyra.

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Choosing a lawyer is not an easy matter. If you do not have a good specialist whose services you or your loved ones used before, carefully study the issue. Do not dwell on the first candidate. In order not to be deceived and to receive proper legal support, attorney Sergei Kostyra advises you to pay attention to several points.


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If you decide to cooperate with a professional lawyer, first of all you need to find out the experience of his work and the category of cases in which he took part. Performance is also important. Do not be lazy and go to the website of the unified register of lawyers of Ukraine, where the address of his office, the number of penalties and the like are indicated. One of the most basic mistakes in work is the terms of your agreement with him. It is necessary to carefully read and remember that the contract is a discussion of all aspects of cooperation. Including financing. In addition to the existing agreement, it must be remembered that the activities of the lawyer are agreed upon by the Law "On Advocacy" and "Rules of the Law of Ethics," said Sergey Kostyra.

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