How stylish and elegant to wear a shirt with a skirt: 15 reasons for the envy of colleagues

A shirt with a skirt is a versatile and incredibly stylish solution for any occasion. The main thing here is to choose the right styles of the bottom and top, which will help you look original and modern. We offer you 15 stylish options for how to wear a shirt with a T-shirt that will be useful to you in everyday life.

shirt with photo skirt 14

How stylish and elegant to wear a shirt with a skirt: 15 reasons for the envy of colleagues

Take a closer look at the original monochrome slit skirt, which will ideally work in a pair with a laconic print shirt. A comfortable tote bag and sandals with a steady heel will help make your image even more stylish and comfortable.

shirt with skirt photo 4

Bold ladies can try to wear a short denim skirt in a pair with a loose shirt in the style of boho. This solution is ideal for summer, especially if you dilute the set with a stylish shoulder bag and comfortable shoes.

shirt with skirt photo 15

The best method to give your image style and femininity is to turn to a classic white shirt that will ideally work with absolutely any styles of skirts.

shirt with skirt photo with skirt photo 3 with skirt photo 2 with skirt photo with skirt photo with photo skirt 13 with skirt photo 10 with photo skirt 12

More creative ladies can add bright shirts to their wardrobe, which can be either plain or with an interesting print. You can wear such a bold top with long skirts or more stringent pencil models. To image played – do not forget about accessories and shoes.

shirt with skirt photo 1

If we talk about the former, then either strict models of bags tote, or small ones on the shoulder, or elegant clutches will work as effectively as possible with a shirt and blouse. From shoes it is better to use sandals, mules or shoes.

shirt with skirt photo 11 with skirt photo 9 with skirt photo 8

As practice shows, wearing a shirt with a skirt can be completely different. The main thing is to choose clothing items that flatter your body shape and age to the maximum and help you look stylish and modern.

And which image did you like best? Looking forward to your comments!

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