How envy will help you become the most effective employee of the company

How Envy Helps You Become the Most Effective Employee of a Company ©

Not all the bad emotions we are told about in childhood are truly bad. Balzac called envy one of the basic elements of hatred, and Voltaire called poison for the heart. And this is so, only even poison can be controlled, and direct negative energy in a good direction. To work, for example.

In order for everything to work out, you need to separate two shades of envy: good and bad. While good envy is born out of admiration, bad envy is just the result of resentment against the world and unfounded claims.

If you study the versatility of envy and understand that Masha received a leadership position not for beautiful eyes, but for real work without days off – you can make this feeling your main ally. At the very least, it's better than eating yourself in vain.

Envy motivates

If you start to notice that one of the colleagues is growing and developing, then you can use the same resources and tools to achieve your goals. Find out what exactly helped the employee whom you envy and do not be afraid to ask for advice. Motivation for a good example is already there, which means you will succeed.

Envy determines the causes of discontent

When a feeling of envy sneaks up from your back and begins to literally choke you from the inside, you will finally understand what exactly you are missing. Of money? Prestigious post? Confessions of colleagues? Be that as it may, envy will tell. Listen and correct.

Envy boosts productivity

No excuses are out of the question. If your colleague was promoted, but you are not, then it's time to tie up with social networks during working hours and pay attention to your main tasks. That's exactly what you turn your attention to after you determine the cause of envy. And that will lead you to success.

Envy activates the desire to be better

It is almost impossible to develop a competitive spirit in equal conditions. But with envy, you can definitely focus on the fact that the time has come to defeat someone’s ego and self-confidence. This does not mean that you will argue with those whom you envy, just once again proves that a person is only interested in victory.

Convert a feeling of envy into a useful feeling, thanks to which everything will only get better and in no case let this feeling exist in those aspects of life where there is no place for competition. For example, in friendship.

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