How a respirator differs from a regular mask: Dr. Komarovsky’s answer

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The famous Ukrainian pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky, who is known as Dr. Komarovsky, continues to debunk coronavirus myths and improve medical literacy among his subscribers.

Recently Komarovsky talked about why antibiotics are not worth drinking with coronavirus, and also taught us how to make an antiseptic at home. Despite the fact that Dr. Komarovsky often shoots new videos for his YouTube channel, people have no less questions.

In one of the latest videos, Komarovsky expressed indignation over the fact that deputies wear respirators and doctors wear ordinary masks. It's time to find out how a respirator differs from a mask and understand which way of protecting yourself or others is best for you.

To begin with, the mask cannot protect against the virus. Well, there aren’t so small holes in ordinary masks that the virus cannot get through them. What is a mask for? So that your snot and drool do not scatter everywhere and do not infect people. Therefore, WHO strongly recommends wearing masks for those who are sick, Komarovsky says.

Why then does the state oblige everyone to wear masks?

A person may not know that he is sick. In connection with the incubation period, he secrete the virus into the environment, but Dr. Komarovsky explains little.

So do I need to wear a mask?

If the government has decreed that everyone should wear masks, you should wear a mask. But you can’t touch the mask, correct it and pull it.

What is the feature of a respirator?

The respirator fits snugly. The air that I inhale while in the respirator passes through the filter. This means that all doctors need an FFP3 respirator. A mask cannot stop the virus, but a respirator can. If you see a doctor in a mask, this is a sentence to the healthcare system, concluded Dr. Komarovsky.

Earlier we talked about the fact that more than 2 thousand packages of Plaquenil will be delivered to Ukraine.


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