Horoscope for today: Sagittarius, do not waste time in vain

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Horoscope on September 21, 2019: Aries

Today you should pay attention to the purchase of food. Revise your home diet and add more vitamins and vegetables. In the afternoon, an unexpected visit by guests may surprise you. Do not portray hospitality if communication is unpleasant for you. You can be frank and speak openly what you think.

Horoscope on September 21, 2019: Taurus

In the morning, the fuss and household chores can unsettle you. Do not go shopping and spend money on useless things. Talk frankly with your partner to discuss the flaws in the relationship. The reason for the conflicts is your constant employment and lack of passion in your personal life. In the evening, a pleasant romantic surprise awaits you.

Horoscope on September 21, 2019: Gemini

This day should be devoted to helping elderly relatives. Physical work will do you good. It is necessary to protect the lower back from stress and hypothermia. Today, your body is especially vulnerable to viral and colds. Be sure to take prophylaxis to support your immune system. In the evening, it is better to stay at home and watch a movie with your loved one.


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Horoscope on September 21, 2019: Cancer

Today you will find many things to do. When choosing purchases, be sure to consult with a loved one. In the afternoon, you will have a chance meeting with an old friend. Do not engage in household chores and cooking a culinary dish. Go to a restaurant or club with your loved one to have fun.

Horoscope on September 21, 2019: Leo

You have to face unforeseen waste today. Check all the plumbing malfunctions, and take care of their elimination. Bring all the started housework to the end. In the afternoon, watch your words. Your unreasonable irritability and rudeness can offend a loved one.

Horoscope for September 21, 2019: Virgo

Today you will have fun and idle pastime. You should not choose whose invitation to accept. It is best to gather a large and noisy company, having a picnic. In the afternoon, watch your things, you can forget something important on the street. In the evening you will be the center of attention of others.

Horoscope on September 21, 2019: Libra

In the morning, you should start cooking delicious food. Indulge your loved ones with a pleasant culinary surprise. Be careful when working with electrical appliances, adhere to safety regulations. In the afternoon, a trip to the guests should politely refuse. It is better to spend the evening with your family and discuss the differences.

Horoscope on September 21, 2019: Scorpio

This day will be full of pleasant surprises and interesting meetings. You should not lie in bed for a long time and wasting your time. Feel free to spend money, shopping will bring pleasure and joy. In the afternoon, you are waiting for unplanned profits. Find yourself an interesting activity that will inspire and help you get distracted.

Horoscope for September 21, 2019: Sagittarius

Today, exacerbations of family conflicts are possible. Your man will try to provoke jealousy in order to attract attention. Be wiser, it is better to go to reconciliation first, and not waste time. In the afternoon, there may be difficulties associated with the operation of the equipment. Today you should not deal with rearrangement and repair work.

Horoscope on September 21, 2019: Capricorn

In the morning you will have to take time to complete the solution of working issues. Your efforts will be rewarded with financial gains. Try to avoid talking to people who are hostile. In the afternoon, you should organize a picnic in nature. Invite old friends and have fun bright and fun.

Horoscope on September 21, 2019: Aquarius

In the morning, you should do a revision of things. Give what you haven’t worn for a long time to people who need it. Change of interior and new curtains will help to make the atmosphere in the house warmer. In the afternoon, pay attention to the problems of your partner. You can visit relatives and chat about philosophical things.

Horoscope on September 21, 2019: Pisces

In the morning you should not start any labor-intensive actions. Otherwise, you have to deal with everyday issues solving everyday issues. Today is the right time to throw away old things and broken equipment. Having got rid of trash, you will open a stream of free energy. A plant brought into the house that day will bring you good luck.

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