Horoscope for today: Libra, refuse large purchases

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Horoscope on March 29, 2020: Aries

This day should be devoted to work on your shortcomings. Starting a diet and cleansing the body will be very effective. In the afternoon, you should not go to noisy places. Meditation sweat pleasant music will restore your energy supply. In the evening, try not to eat spicy and salty foods, there may be stomach problems.

Horoscope on March 29, 2020: Taurus

A hard working week devastated your strength, you should sleep off. Do not cook complex dishes. In the afternoon, your relatives will ask for a service. You should be careful about money, otherwise the family budget will be empty. Get creative in the evening.

Horoscope on March 29, 2020: Gemini

In the morning, there may be problems with the work of plumbing. Try to fix the problems right away. In the afternoon, review your wardrobe. It is time to change your style in both clothes and makeup. In the evening, you should watch an interesting film with your family to get positive emotions.


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Horoscope on March 29, 2020: Cancer

In the morning, disagreements with your loved one may arise. Do not burden the household with their bad mood. You need to be alone for a while so that there are no family quarrels. In the afternoon, an old friend may call unexpectedly. In the evening, do your favorite thing.

Horoscope on March 29, 2020: Leo

This day should be devoted to solving economic issues and putting things in order. Get rid of old and broken things to free up space. In the afternoon, try not to interfere in someone else's personal life. Relations with a close friend will be tense due to petty quarrel. In the evening, you should do yoga to distract from your problems.

Horoscope on March 29, 2020: Virgo

In the morning, a pleasant gift awaits you from your loved one. Have a family feast. Noisy fun will help relieve stress and forget about their work problems. In the afternoon, you should beware of communication on financial topics. Your relatives will ask for a service, try to politely refuse.

Horoscope on March 29, 2020: Libra

This day will be full of conflict situations on household grounds. It is best to retire and read a book. In the afternoon, try to refuse large purchases and do not litter with money. It is necessary to pay attention to the restoration of the body and the prevention of colds. In the evening, news from relatives can upset you.

Horoscope on March 29, 2020: Scorpio

In the morning, go shopping for a home. Try to complete your business duties quickly so that you have more free time. In the afternoon you can call friends. You need vivid impressions and strong emotions, find the right entertainment. In the evening, you should read an interesting book that motivates.

Horoscope on March 29, 2020: Sagittarius

Today it’s worth doing a change of your wardrobe and hairstyles. Find stylish ideas to bring them to life. In the afternoon, it may be difficult to communicate with relatives. Restrain your anger so as not to offend a loved one. In the evening, a bath with aromatic oils will help relieve nervous tension and forget about problems.

Horoscope on March 29, 2020: Capricorn.

This day is good for large acquisitions. Your friends will make an unusual gift that will surprise you. In the afternoon, try to pay attention to solving everyday issues. Purchasing digital technology will bring benefits. In the evening, you will meet with an old friend who will contribute to the realization of your ideas.

Horoscope on March 29, 2020: Aquarius

In the morning, there may be difficulties in the operation of household appliances. Do not use faulty appliances; there is a health risk. In the afternoon, chat with friends to discuss your experiences. External advice will help clean up personal relationships. In the evening, take time for the problems of your partner and try to console him.

Horoscope on March 29, 2020: Pisces

Today you should do the creative process, try changing the interior and rearrange the furniture. Your surrounding space should be harmoniously combined with an internal state. Having discussed your ideas, you will find like-minded people and the necessary connections. In the evening, it is better to stay home and go to bed earlier to restore strength.

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