Horoscope for today: Leo, pacify your aggression

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Horoscope for today, January 15, 2020: Aries

Today, even a drop of innocent flirting can bring you a lot of trouble. Especially if you are already married or married. You should not risk your relationship for the sake of a momentary "tickling" of nerves. In the evening you will be "lowered" to the ground, returned to reality and your children will give a lot of joy. If there are no children of their own, strangers will do it – neighbors, children of relatives or friends.

Horoscope for today, January 15, 2020: Taurus

Some old ideas and talk about foreign affairs will come up. It's about business or study, but not about rest. You will have to monitor the situation on a new one and stock up with the necessary information regarding this issue. If you do not indulge your desires, pacify your whims, then in the near future you will be able to bypass many problems and troubles.

Horoscope for today, January 15, 2020: Gemini.

Do not rush today with the signing of important documents and the solution of some, albeit urgent, legal cases. One day your customers or clients will be able to wait. In the evening at home, you may encounter problems in relationships caused by a sense of possessiveness and jealousy. You will experience these “things” coming from a partner.


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Horoscope for today, January 15, 2020: Cancer.

The long journey begun today may end in legal troubles and a complete lack of profit or profit. So you don’t need to hit the road today, go on a business trip. Toward evening, if it seems to you that some kind of impasse has ripened in your relationship, try to pass the initiative into the hands of your partner, give him the opportunity (and gently inspire the need) to take the first steps towards.

Horoscope for today, January 15, 2020: Leo.

It will be a difficult day. You will have to pacify your royal ways and sometimes an aggressive tone of communication with people, especially with subordinates. Otherwise, you risk dispersing employees and scaring real or potential partners. Your contracts and arrangements will be in jeopardy. After a hard day, you need to regain strength and have a good rest. And it's best to do this at home, with your favorite sofa and remote control.

Horoscope for today, January 15, 2020: Virgo.

In the morning, you will be covered by a wave of work and daily responsibilities. But in the afternoon, your feeling of dissatisfaction can lead to serious showdown with your partner. All this will be quite unpredictable and emotional. In any case – you should not seek solace on the side – casual sex for you and in this situation will not be useful and with a bunch of consequences.

Horoscope for today, January 15, 2020: Libra.

Today you should not make important decisions and build a perspective and strategy for the future of your business. Do not try to occupy, conquer new spaces. It’s better and more expedient to multiply and preserve the existing ones – people, resources, your niche, a place under the sun. In the evening, pay attention to your health – please your body with delicious and, most importantly, wholesome food, massage, peeling, etc.

Horoscope for today, January 15, 2020: Scorpio.

On this day you will have many freedoms and opportunities for action and the realization of your potential. You can discover a new hobby, a new hobby that will remain with you in the future forever. In the evening, under any pretext, give up heavy, fatty, spicy and meat food – you'll be healthier! Spend the rest of the day with a pleasant company and in sincere conversations, watching good family films.

Horoscope for today, January 15, 2020: Sagittarius

Today you need more exercise, more mobility. Skating, just walking – this is an approximate list of recommended for you today. It is not necessary to plan personal meetings and dates today – it will be difficult for you and your partner to understand each other. It’s better to settle the emotional troubles in the parental home – reconcile relatives, collect them and arrange a family dinner.

Horoscope for today, January 15, 2020: Capricorn.

Take a break and let yourself not indulge in heavy everyday work and worries. Read a lot, learn something new – this is the best day for self-education and self-education. In the evening there will be an opportunity and a strong desire to indulge in passion and carnal joys. So do not hold back your desires and get everything you want from life. Sometimes (and this is exactly the case) abstinence is completely not useful, even vice versa.

Horoscope for today, January 15, 2020: Aquarius

It’s not worthwhile to make any real estate transactions today – rent, purchase, sale, etc. Do not spend a day on empty talk – nothing better has been invented than real cases. Otherwise, you simply spend your strength and energy on clarifying relationships and banal gossip at work. Spend the evening of this day with family and friends at a table with a large pizza and delicious beer.

Horoscope for today, January 15, 2020: Pisces

At work, you will very often have to act as an arbiter and judge – they will turn to you for help in resolving disputes and difficult moments. Do not refuse employees. Also listen to your body – if you notice its signals – act. Do not start all sorts of bad processes in the body. Mostly pay attention to the lower back and do not take a lot of alcohol.

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