Horoscope for today: Gemini, avoid hypothermia

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Horoscope for today, December 8, 2019: Aries

Today you should not rush anywhere, try to relax. Your relatives may puzzle you with their problems. You should not waste time clarifying relationships and quarrels. In the afternoon, do needlework or what reassures you. It is better to spend the evening outside the house, going to a party.

Horoscope for today, December 8, 2019: Taurus

In the morning, engage in a review of unnecessary and unnecessary things. You need to get rid of old things and unpleasant memories associated with them. In the afternoon, try to limit communication with conflicting people. You better spend time in a circle of close people. In the evening, refrain from drinking alcohol and stimulating drinks.

Horoscope for today, December 8, 2019: Gemini.

In the morning, try to avoid hypothermia. Your immune system needs support, take care of your health. In the afternoon, there may be large waste associated with the repair. You need to do everything thoroughly and not rely on random luck. In the evening, engage in spiritual practices and work on your shortcomings.


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Horoscope for today, December 8, 2019: Cancer

In the morning, difficulties may arise in the operation of electrical appliances or household appliances. Do not try to fix the problem yourself, turn to professionals. In the afternoon, your partner can provoke jealousy. Do not remember past grievances, better show your concern. In the evening, engage in the development of new knowledge useful for work.

Horoscope for today, December 8, 2019: Leo.

This day should be devoted to family and loved ones. Come up with interesting activities or head to the entertainment center. In the afternoon, be more careful in handling electrical appliances. You need more pleasant emotions and impressions to distract from problems. In the evening, bring your friends and share your secrets and experiences.

Horoscope for today, December 8, 2019: Virgo.

In the morning, try to do useful things. You need to overcome laziness and lethargy. Your body needs regular exercise. Start a muscle corset strengthening program. In the afternoon, you can safely go to visit relatives.

Horoscope for today, December 8, 2019: Libra.

Today you should not be lazy and wasting time. Go shopping and try changing your image. You need to change something in your appearance in order to establish contact with the outside world. In the afternoon, successfully make purchases of computer equipment. In the evening you will receive important news from distant relatives.

Horoscope for today, December 8, 2019: Scorpio.

This day is worth spending in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. You can go out of town and have a picnic. In the afternoon, try to visit the hairdresser and do your hair. Getting a diet or exercise will benefit you. In the evening, invite guests who can create a good emotional atmosphere.

Horoscope for today, December 8, 2019: Sagittarius.

This day should be devoted to caring for your appearance. Anti-aging treatments and a sauna will give good results. You need to look bright and attractive to attract the attention of a partner. In the afternoon, you should go to some social event. You need to be in a friendly and pleasant atmosphere in order to get positive energy.

Horoscope for today, December 8, 2019: Capricorn.

Get creative today. The day will be calm and peaceful, try to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. In the afternoon, collect friends and arrange a fun bachelorette party. Your advice will have an important impact on a loved one. In the evening, try not to overwork and go to bed earlier.

Horoscope for today, December 8, 2019: Aquarius

Today you will attract the attention of the opposite sex. Do not arouse strong zeal in your partner. In the afternoon, be careful in dealing with strangers. Valuable things and documents should not be taken to crowded places. In the evening there is a risk of injury, be careful with piercing objects.

Horoscope for today, December 8, 2019: Pisces.

In the morning, your relatives may violate your plans. Do not interfere in family contention, stay away from scandals. In the afternoon, go shopping. You are waiting for a valuable gift or additional promotional bonuses in the trading network. In the evening, take care of cleaning up the kitchen.

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