Horoscope for today: Crayfish, visit relatives

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Horoscope on September 28, 2019: Aries

Today you should escape from the hustle and bustle and do something pleasant. Do not start repairs or spring cleaning. Cosmetic procedures and body care will bring good results. You should do spiritual practices and restore the nervous system. Meditation and work with the subtle body will provide an opportunity to find inner peace and tranquility.

Horoscope on September 28, 2019: Taurus

In the morning, avoid people who provoke conflicts. Do not spoil the mood because of household trifles. Better to go visit or visit relatives. A change of scenery will help you distract from problems and negative thoughts. In the evening, prepare a delicious dinner and create an atmosphere of romance.

Horoscope on September 28, 2019: Gemini

In the morning, difficulties may arise related to relatives. Your plans will be broken due to unforeseen circumstances. You should control your emotions and actions. The solution to the problem arises from your peace of mind. In the afternoon, invite friends to visit to get pleasant emotions.


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Horoscope on September 28, 2019: Cancer

Today you should visit relatives and pay attention to resolving family issues. Make your loved ones pleasant, surprise yourself with a delicious dish of your own preparation. In the afternoon, you will meet with an old friend. You should not give hopes and promises that you cannot fulfill. The thing found today will bring good luck to the house.

Horoscope on September 28, 2019: Leo

This day will be controversial and difficult emotionally. Your disagreement with a partner can lead to a family scandal. In the afternoon you will receive good news. You should learn to switch your emotions to positive. In the evening, guests may suddenly come in, so do a house cleaning.

Horoscope on September 28, 2019: Virgo

In the morning, you will have a difficult housework. The change in the interior and the movement of furniture will help create coziness and free up space. Be sure to discuss your ideas with a partner so that there are no offenses. In the afternoon, you can safely go shopping. Profitable acquisitions and a little surprise await you.

Horoscope on September 28, 2019: Libra

In the morning you should pay attention to your health. Do not pay attention to small household irritants. It is best to make an appointment with friends and go somewhere in an interesting place. You should avoid drafts and hypothermia. In the evening, your chosen one will prepare a romantic surprise that will delight you.

Horoscope on September 28, 2019: Scorpio

Today you will find an interesting meeting with an important person. In a relaxed atmosphere, you will be able to discuss important business issues. Your charm will have a decisive role and make a positive impression. In the afternoon, the purchase of computer equipment will be very successful. In the evening, you should invite your friends and have fun.

Horoscope on September 28, 2019: Sagittarius

In the morning you can do a lot of important things. Household chores are best distributed in half with a man. It is imperative to eliminate all malfunctions in the operation of appliances and household appliances. Devote this day to home improvement and putting things in order. In the afternoon, you will have a pleasant meeting with old friends.

Horoscope on September 28, 2019: Capricorn

This day will be successful for moving and changing housing. You should seek help from a close friend in order to resolve an important issue faster. In the afternoon, you will have a business conversation with an influential person. It is important to choose a cozy atmosphere for dialogue in order to get a good result. In the evening a romantic gift awaits you.

Horoscope on September 28, 2019: Aquarius

Today you should solve all the issues related to the purchase of household appliances. Be sure to issue a warranty card and keep checks. In the afternoon, you should abandon long trips. Unforeseen waste can greatly devastate the family budget. In the evening, you should do facial and neck skin care procedures.

Horoscope on September 28, 2019: Pisces

Today is worth devoting to family fun. You should organize a picnic and outdoor activities. In the afternoon, hearing from relatives can make you angry. Do not pay attention to minor irritants. Beware of hot and hot objects, there is a risk of burns.

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