Home Preservation: Are Billets Useful or Bad?

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Who can refuse crispy pickles or juicy tomatoes? Few. But tasty home preservation is not always useful. tochka.net talks about the benefits and harms of cans.

Home preservation: which foods are harmful?

It would seem – what can be dangerous vegetables or fruits, carefully preserved in the warm season? Unfortunately, home preservation can ruin your health if you do not take into account certain nuances. We figured out what ingredients make dangerous products out of tasty billets and share this knowledge with you.

Preservation with vinegar and salt can cause troubles to people with sick kidneys, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, prone to swelling. Salads and lecho will not be useful to people suffering from pancreatitis and cholecystitis. A large amount of sunflower oil used in cooking will play a negative role here. Jam is harmful due to the high amount of sugar. Sweet preparation is not recommended for patients with diabetes mellitus or obese. To eat jam and not get better you can eat only two or three tablespoons a day. A low content of vitamins and minerals is also not good for the body. The beneficial properties of vegetables and fruits are lost during heat treatment. But we will not pump it up – some of the useful substances (magnesium, potassium, etc.) remain in vegetables after preservation. Botulism is the greatest danger that awaits a person in a bank with home preservation. The effects of botulism can even be fatal.

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Why can’t you make blanks from spoiled foods?

Home preservation of vegetables and fruits infected with the fungus, over time, emit patulin – a poison that gradually destroys the liver. No treatment can remove the fungus from the products.

How much and where can preservation be stored?

Good places for storing cans with canned goods – cellar, pantry or mezzanine. The main thing in this matter is to protect the conservation from light and sunlight.

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