Harm from an antiseptic: everything that you wanted to know about a running remedy

Harm from an antiseptic: everything you ever wanted to know about a running drug © depositphotos.com

Hand antiseptics became the main quarantine topic in 2020 due to coronavirus. We prepare hand antiseptics at home, following the prescription of Dr. Komarovsky, disinfect our hands before going to the store and smoothly turn into hypochondriac Poppy Moore from Otorva, who could not get on the bus until it was pre-cleaned.

There is nothing wrong. But this is only at first glance.

For those who cannot imagine life without an antiseptic outside the apartment, the tochka.net editorial staff has gathered the main facts about the harm of an antiseptic and told who better to wash their hands properly. Yes, with the refrains of your favorite songs, just as carefully as Selena Gomez.

Harm from antiseptic

Over-dried hands due to antiseptic

The first problem that had to be faced by those who increased the activity of using antiseptics for hands was dry and cracked skin.

There are many ways to get rid of this:

switch to cream soap and use a moisturizing hand cream at least three times a day; do baths with paraffin at home; stop using an antiseptic unnecessarily.

From an antiseptic, which is used according to need, and not for entertainment, nothing will happen. Before going to the store, you should still use an antiseptic, but if you are at home, then there is simply no need to spray an alcohol-containing antiseptic on your hands.

Harmful antiseptics for mucous membranes

Spraying the antiseptic on our hands, we inhale alcohol-containing fumes with impurities of other, not the most useful components. Therefore, it is very important to remember that the mucous membranes are sensitive enough and if you do not want to harm the body, hand antiseptics should be sprayed away from the respiratory tract.

Fanatical habit

Remember, we mentioned Poppy Moore at the beginning of the article? So, it was hard for this girl to imagine her life without antiseptics for her hands and she watered them with everything she touched. This is more like a psychological problem than rational adherence to the recommendations of the Ministry of Health. Do not allow the antiseptic to become part of your comfort.

Allergic reactions: harm from an antiseptic

Hands, when using an antiseptic, are covered with strange spots? Most likely, there are components in the composition that make you allergic. While the forces of doctors are thrown into the fight against Covid-19, this is not the time to run around dermatologists. It is better to switch to antibacterial wet wipes or wash your hands. You’ll be healthier!

In the meantime, we talked about antiseptics at home.


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