Green dress: 8 truly feminine and sophisticated models

A green dress is truly one of the most feminine and sophisticated wardrobe elements of any fashionable woman. In addition, it is completely universal and can be used as the basis of the image for any event. It is important to approach the choice of style, fabric and colors of the dress and then your appearance will be simply amazing.

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Green office dress

If you are bored with your everyday office attire made in shades of gray and brown, it’s time to ask for help with a juicy and fresh green color.

Green dress photo 1

It is enough to get a dress of a usual style "pencil" of saturated emerald color, as your appearance will immediately play with new colors. By adding to this alongside a dark leather belt and a small handbag, you will immediately turn into a fatal beauty.

Casual Green Dress

A green dress is a great choice for a casual look. And this outfit will not be boring or mediocre, and even, on the contrary, will gather around you millions of enthusiastic views. Pleasant is the fact that you can experiment with casual dresses.

Green dress photo 4

Bright shades, extraordinary materials, different lengths and styles are capable of making your appearance unsurpassed. In the summer season, chiffon and silk dresses with a free cut remain at the peak of their popularity. In the colder season, woolen and knitted models that can give a feeling of warmth and comfort will be an excellent choice.

Green evening dress

Preparing for the solemn event, each girl tries to find for herself such an outfit in which she can become the highlight of the evening. And then, no matter how cool, the perfect choice would be a green dress to the floor, made of soft and flowing silk.

Green dress photo 5

Due to its lightness, the fabric will emphasize all the advantages of any fashionable woman and make them even more attractive. And if you decorate such a dress with gold ribbons and lace, you can immediately raise your rank from princess to queen of the ball.

Green dress for a romantic date

Romantic date is one of the most long-awaited and desired events for every girl. Dreaming to appear before the chosen one in the best possible way, the girls spend many hours sorting out their wardrobe in search of a special dress. In this case, the green dress will come to the rescue.

Green dress photo 6

An excellent choice for such a case would be a model dress with a skirt from the chest and bare shoulders or a dress with lace. Wearing such an outfit, the girl will seem to the young man very fervent, bold and playful. This will add a special charm to the meeting.

Green dress photo 3

A green dress is one of the most irreplaceable things in the wardrobe of a fashionable girl. You can use it to go to work, to the movies, on a date, and even to graduation. In addition, in 2019, green dress is considered one of the brightest trends. That is why it is more likely to add it to your piggy bank of wonderful dresses.

Green dress photo 7

What dress did you like the most? Looking forward to your comments!

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