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Learning an additional language is no longer considered a specific skill, but rather simply reflects reality. The longer we hold a biometric passport, the more we need knowledge of a foreign language. While everyone is trying to claim that the language of the future is Chinese, we continue to praise the very understandable present simple from thick textbooks and use two key mantras (I'm hungry, how much?), When we are away from home.

English is one of the easiest and most understandable languages ​​to learn. It has very few specific rules (you don’t need them especially for ordinary conversational ones), and individual words can directly save your life if you suddenly get lost at the airport in an unfamiliar country or you really want tomato juice.

In general, English means opportunities, growth, future. Maybe you still go to Odessa only because you don’t know how to answer the question about the purpose of the visit at passport control?

One way or another, and learning English is now not only simple, but also accessible and interesting. We found the best free English learning apps for iPhones and Android. Download the application for yourself and do not be lazy to go into it more often than on Instagram, and in a couple of months you will be a completely confident storyteller about the lost luggage.

Free English Learning Apps

Free English Learning Apps: iPhone


We remember the words that help us feed the lion cub. Yes, yes, it is in such a game manner that you familiarize yourself with new material, progress is tracked, and the material learned in one day is surprising in volume.

There is a paid version.

Phrasal Verbs for Life & Exams

And this application will tell you about idioms, winged words and just phrases that make up the stressed part of speech. After training, you pass a small test of attentiveness.

There is a paid version.


In this application, you will communicate with native speakers who not only motivate you to use a translator more often, but also tell you the basic rules. Feel free to ask, because this application is registered for this!

There is a paid version.


But Lingvist is a free application for learning English on an iPhone, in which you can quickly pull up the grammar.

Before you begin your studies, Lingvist offers to take a short test, the results of which determine your language level and provide you with a convenient program.

There is a paid version.


A free app for learning English on a Memrise iPhone is a real find for meme lovers. Now you can learn more than 40 words a day without even straining. We are thrilled!

There is a paid version.

Free English Learning Apps Free English Learning Apps ©

Free English Learning Apps: for Android


The application for learning English on Android EWA is a special find. The application uses words from TV shows and books, so that you better remember and understand the context in which you can use the word.

There is a paid version.


Words even works in flight mode and allows you to undergo additional training right before arriving where you can’t do without English.

Repeat words, remembering spelling and pronunciation.

There is a paid version.


LingQ does not thoughtlessly translate all words, forcing you to remember everything in a row, but explains the meaning of only words unfamiliar to you, telling how you can use them in a particular context.

There is a paid version.


Tournaments with other students, difficulty levels and exciting training in the form of a cool arcade application. Well, almost 🙂 We guarantee that it will be very interesting!

There is a paid version.


Duolingo will not let you score on grammar and spelling, requiring you to complete assignments and train your memory. In addition, there are other languages ​​in this free application, if you suddenly want to become a polyglot.

There is a paid version.

If you are not a lazy person and begin to allocate at least 20 minutes a day for training, then after a couple of months you will calmly speak with the first person you meet, the Greek from Yandex direct on Instagram, or understand the lyrics of Rihanna without an interpreter. Super after all!

Do not put off until later and do not doubt the effectiveness of applications. Of course, learning English with a tutor or in courses is much easier and more pleasant, but the application will not pass by you, believe me. Avse for what? For the sake of Netflix in the original!

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