Focus on the image! Striped blouse: 25 stylish options

Striped blouse is a universal wardrobe item that fits almost any figure. Various color options, cuts, patterns, and strip layout allow you to create a bow for any event. This thing focuses on the image, and gives it sophistication and femininity.

Who should wear striped blouses

A blouse with such a print is able to hide extra pounds or vice versa shows the obvious advantages of the figure. The wardrobe item is very practical and convenient, every woman should have such a thing. In order to choose the right model of a striped blouse, you need to know a few secrets:

For slender girls, a classic version of a simple cut blouse in black and white stripes will go. In this case, the location of the strips does not matter, and the vertical and horizontal patterns will look harmonious; If the lady is dominated by curvaceous, then you should choose a blouse of the remote version with a vertical strip. The strip should be thin and infrequent. Also, flared sleeves are welcome in the blouse, which will allow you to create a romantic and light look; blouses for full photos 5 for full photos 4 For owners of a triangular or rectangular figure, stylists advise you to buy a blouse with a V-neck. A shortened version of the thing will do. The drawing can be in any color solution, but the strip should not be too frequent; Girls who are not tall can visually lengthen their figure with a vertical stripes blouse. It is better to choose a traditional color, and thus highlight the silhouette. striped blouse photo 7

Color schemes

In the first place is a blouse in black and white. But designers also offer to choose other colors:

The blue palette is able to refresh the image, and a blouse in this color will give the image of elegance. This version of a blouse will go well with jeans; striped blouse photo 10 Pastel colors in clothes are most suitable for blondes, and a strip can be very bright and saturated colors; striped blouse photo 8 A blue striped blouse is an option for stylish and business women; For the celebration, you can choose a silk blouse in dark colors, the bow will turn out to be expensive and elegant; blouse photo 6 Romantic natures should choose a blouse with a red stripe. If you choose the option with bare shoulders, you can get a pretty sexy look; striped blouse photo 19 blouses photo One of the most popular images today is a white and yellow striped blouse.

How to combine a striped blouse

Striped blouse is very easy to combine with many items of clothing. We suggest you familiarize yourself with trendy images that contain this universal thing.

Jacket or blazer. You can decorate a business bow with a bright striped blouse. Diversify gray everyday life and add some colors to the familiar look; Trousers. High-waisted trousers look very harmonious and stylish in combination with a black and white striped blouse. Such an outfit can be worn for an important meeting or for a holiday; summer blouses photo 4 blouse photo 18 blouses photo 2 blouse photo 16 blouse photo 13 Jeans with a striped blouse are suitable for girls who prefer a street style. In this case, it is better to choose bright colors; striped blouse photo 17 blouses photo 3 blouse photo 15 blouse photo 14 Leggings. An elongated version of a blouse with a fitted waist or in the form of a shirt goes well with tight leggings. striped blouse photo 9

A striped blouse can be of any cut and color, the main thing is to correctly combine clothes. For office everyday life, this particular thing will help diversify the boring image and achieve freshness in appearance.

Do you have a striped blouse? You wear it only in the office or use it in a casual way: Tell us about it in the comments!

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