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Since October 2019, the Center for Public Health (COH) announced the start of the epidemiological season. On January 13, 2020, the Public Health Center reported a third death due to influenza.

The death of the breed was ensured, the acceleration of influenza was 31-day, there was 24 infants. 31 babies u zvyazku iz …

Published Center for Huge Health of Ukraine Ponedіlok, 13 Січень 2020 р.

The flu season is in full swing, and each of us should know what to do to prevent flu and how to treat it (and this means that reading information about the flu on the Internet is not enough – it is important to see a doctor if you feel the first symptoms of the disease).

But the best option to deal with such a dangerous adversary as the flu is high-quality and effective prevention. After all, it is no secret to anyone that the prevention of a disease is much better than its treatment.


Learn how to deal with the flu (infographics) The very first and, perhaps, the main means of protection is the formation of immunity to the flu virus. This is achieved by vaccination. Many flu vaccines are known today. The main requirement for them is an updated formula. Unfortunately, the vaccine does not protect against influenza – you risk getting sick in the same way, but the disease will go much easier, and you will not get complications after the flu. A group of interferon preparations is also very effective, including native leukocyte interferon (diluted before use with boiled water at room temperature and buried in the nose, 2-3 drops in each nostril once a day) and interferon inducers, for example, Amiksin (1 tablet is taken once a week). A more "fashionable" antiviral drug is Arbidol. Its prophylactic dose is the same – 1 tablet once a week. Vitaminization of the body. The most effective in the fight against influenza is vitamin C, which is found in rosehips, cranberries, lingonberries, black currants, and citrus fruits. To prepare vitamin tea from rose hips, you need to crush the berries, pour a handful of crushed berries in a thermos and pour boiling water. Close tightly and leave to infuse overnight.

Cranberry juice is prepared easier: crushed berries (fresh or frozen) are poured with water, filtered through a strainer. Add sugar, or better honey, and the drink is ready.

Lingonberry juice is prepared similarly. Blackcurrant is much more useful when mashed or frozen, without boiling. Eat it with spoons or drink currant juice.

Do not neglect folk remedies such as garlic. It is used both internally and externally. A plate of garlic can be put on the table and inhale its healing smell. Also eat garlic at every opportunity, separately or as part of a meal. Well, do not forget about simple auxiliary methods of prevention: gauze bandage (mask); hardening; avoid hypothermia in the cold season; balanced nutrition and the use of probiotics; regular ventilation and disinfection of rooms; if possible, exclusion of contact with sick people.

Find out what are the 9 myths about the flu and the common cold in society. And never self-medicate.


How to strengthen the child’s immunity in winter: TOP-5 available products (infographic)

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