Flu 2019: symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment

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Influenza 2019, as a constant companion of colds, will begin to threaten people already with the beginning of the off-season. How to recognize the flu in time, how to treat it and what measures to take to avoid unpleasant consequences and complications, read on tochka.net.

Causes of flu

Influenza is an acute viral infection that first affects the upper respiratory tract. Influenza viruses constantly exist in our world. They have a dangerous ability to mutate and adapt to new conditions. And therefore, having developed immunity from one influenza virus, a person can get sick by contracting another strain of it and thus cause an epidemic.

One of the causes of influenza is the favorable conditions for it, namely the off-season and lower air temperature. Another important factor in influenza is weakened human immunity. Viruses spread very quickly by airborne droplets. Those. A sick person, sneezing or coughing, can infect people around them with the flu.


Flu Prevention: Protect Your Body

Flu Symptoms 2019

The influenza epidemic season is expected to be between October 2019 and May 2020. During the new epidemic season in Ukraine, three strains of the flu are expected to spread: Michigan, Singapore and Colorado.

Symptoms of influenza 2019 are expected to be little different from previous strains. Try not to confuse them with a common cold:

High body temperature, rising above 38 ° C, which is accompanied by fever and chills and does not go astray with conventional drugs. Muscle pain, aching joints, headache, pain when inhaling, as well as pain in the eyeballs. The rapid progression of the disease, when the above symptoms appear within just a few hours, as well as a short incubation period from 2 to 4 days. Weakness throughout the body, dizziness, drowsiness, decreased or complete loss of appetite, nausea, and depression. White plaque on the tongue, cracks on the lips, inflammation of the mucous membranes, with a runny nose and coughing.


9 myths about flu and colds

Flu vaccination and prevention

The main means of preventing influenza is vaccination. First of all, it is recommended for people most at risk: health workers, children over six months old, pregnant and elderly.

The influenza virus constantly mutates, and therefore, WHO annually updates its recommendations on the composition of the influenza vaccine. So in 2019, WHO made changes compared to recommendations for previous seasons.

Final composition of seasonal influenza vaccines for use in the 2019–2020 season. in the northern hemisphere:

virus like A / Michigan / 45/2015 (H1N1) pdm09; a virus like A / Singapore / INFIMH-16-0019 / 2016 (H3N2); virus similar to B / Colorado / 06/2017 (line B / Victoria / 2/87); virus similar to B / Phuket / 3073/2013 (line B / Yamagata / 16/88).

The first three viral strains are recommended for inclusion in trivalent influenza vaccines, and an additional fourth strain is intended for inclusion in tetravalent vaccines.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine noted that the vaccines for these strains have already been re-registered. They can be purchased at pharmacies and have their own flu shot.

Recommended Flu Treatment

The main thing in the treatment of influenza is timeliness. As you know, flu is a difficult disease, and it is not treated in 1 day. But if you pay attention to the above symptoms of influenza in time and take the necessary measures, then the treatment itself can be reduced to 5-7 days.

The main danger of influenza is its rapid progression. It is important for a sick person to see a doctor on the very first day and get the recommended treatment for the flu and not tolerate it on their feet. That is why virologists strongly recommend not to delay and self-medicate, as procrastination can be fraught with dangerous complications.

The therapist will usually recommend the following measures:

stop visiting a workplace, school, institute and avoid direct contact with people; observe bed rest; take prescribed medications (antipyretic, mucolytic, expectorant drugs, possibly antibiotics); take vitamins; heavy drinking; airing the room.

Recall that earlier we talked about what you can not do with the flu and colds. TOP 5 errors of quick recovery read the link.


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