Flabby hands: hand exercises that will put your body in order

Flabby arms: hand exercises to keep your body in good shape © depositphotos.com

Sagging hands is a fairly common problem that bothers a lot of non-sports people. It is very unpleasant to realize the fact that a moving flabby hand attracts the attention of others, so it is strategically important to prepare for the season of beaches, open sweaters and seductive T-shirts now.


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We will tell you about simple exercises for sagging hands and will do everything possible so that sagging skin on your hands will never be a problem for you.

Exercises at home that tone loose arms

Hand Exercise – Plank

The first weapon to combat sagging skin on the hands is an exercise that helps to keep all muscles toned at the same time. The bar in this sense is literally salvation from sagging skin on the hands.

Dumbbell Hand Exercises

In addition to the bar, exercises with dumbbells help to perfectly tighten flabby arms and restore their shape. However, it is worth clarifying that dumbbells should not be very heavy so that the arms do not grow, but only pull up.

Hand Exercise – Pushups

Another simple and effective way to pull up flabby hands in women is push-ups. You probably remember how hard it was to do these exercises under the supervision of a physical instructor, however – the more difficult it is to complete the exercise, the faster the result.

Hand Exercise – Back Pushups

The effectiveness of back push-ups in combination with an exercise from flabby hands is a guarantee that your hands will become stronger. The main thing is to tune in to a productive workout. For example, choose a good playlist.

Hand Exercise – Pulling Dumbbell Bar

Hands did not become flabby in one day, therefore, it is necessary to spend a lot of time on tightening flabby skin. Invites you to speed up this process and master the pull-ups of dumbbells in the bar. With this exercise you will not only tighten your skin, but also increase your chances of having a press.

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