Fighting the flu: folk recipes

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Influenza is a seasonal, serious, and very unpleasant disease. There are many ways to treat flu and prevent it: from vaccination to preventative medication. Winter is already at hand, which means that soon an epidemic may break out, and you must meet it fully armed.

In the fight against influenza, as they say, all means are good, so no one canceled the grandmother's recipes. Viburnum and raspberries, a variety of compotes – these folk methods will help you not to get the flu or the common cold at all!

Today we will tell you about five effective folk recipes that will help you in the difficult fight against the flu! Since most of the traditional drugs take weeks to make, we have found instant recipes for you.


Learn how to deal with the flu.


Fighting the flu – recipe number 1 – onion and garlic

At the first symptoms of influenza, cut a large, juicy bulb and breathe over it while you have strength. Repeat the procedure about 4 times a day. Between onion inhalation, take garlic. Take a few heads, grind it and soak a cotton bud with juice, place it as deep as possible in the nose, hold for about 15 minutes.

Fighting the flu – recipe number 2 – currants, raspberries and viburnum

Never forget about the grandmother’s good old recipe when she made tea from jam. If you mix currants, raspberries and viburnum in one glass, you will get a vitamin and tasty bomb that will cure you if not in a split second, then in a couple of days, that’s for sure!


Flu vaccination: to do or not

Fighting the flu – recipe number 3 – wormwood

Take about 15-20 g of wormwood and 0.5 l of vodka. Insist medicine for at least 24 hours. Drink 150 ml 15 minutes before a meal. Also, “skip” 100 grams before bedtime.


Fighting the flu – recipe number 4 – chamomile

Although they say that you should not take a bath during the flu, this does not apply to the chamomile bath. Take 400 g of chamomile and 10 liters of boiling water, leave for about 2 hours. Pass the liquid and pour it into the bath. The procedure lasts a maximum of 15 minutes at a temperature of 35 ° C.


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Fighting the flu – recipe number 5 – vinegar and mustard

To fight the flu you need to keep your feet warm … as well as vinegar or mustard! Take warm wool socks and a mound of dry mustard in them, go like this for a day or two. You can still make a vinegar compress on the legs or chest. To do this, soak socks or a towel in a mixture of vinegar, olive oil and camphor, leave it overnight. By the morning you should already be much easier!

Fight the flu in every way and be healthy!

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