Fashionable styles of winter 2020 fur coats: you already know what to choose

A fur coat is the best wardrobe item for a luxurious and confident woman. The presented thing decorates and makes the image of a lady more rich and noble. You have not chosen a fur coat for the new winter season 2020? Then you will be most welcome by our today's article – fashionable styles of fur coats. Our ideas will help you make the right choice.

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Square stitch and patchwork

In a fur coat, the flow of stitches with squares, as well as the style of the patchwork, has become very fashionable. The first reminds everyone of their favorite quilted jackets, but in the case of a fur coat, fur is taken as the basis. The patchwork involves the use in one model of two, three, four or more pieces of different colors and even material, sewn together. The presented solutions are incredibly fashionable this winter 2020.

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Bright fur

Brightly fur-colored fur coats will sit on you boldly and definitely fashionably. Choose styles in the most fashionable shades of the coming season, namely: burgundy, red, blue, green, orange and pink, which will make your bow simply stunning.

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And here you are free to choose both short models of fur coats and longer ones. Both the first and second will ideally sit in your everyday ensemble or for a special occasion.

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Short fur coats

Do not forget about short fur coats, which are a great alternative to long fur products. They can be presented in the form of a jacket, short cocoon or bomber jacket. You should choose exactly the model that best flatters your figure and style as a whole.

fashionable styles of winter fur coats 2020 photo 3

White fur coats

Favorite white fur coats do not lose their popularity, which, although quite easily soiled, look incredibly expensive and presentable. You can wear such a top with both your favorite jeans and elegant evening dresses.

fashionable styles of winter fur coats 2020 photo 5 styles of winter fur coats 2020 photo 4

Wolf and fox fur coats

Do you like to create images in a somewhat daring and even wild style? Then you will definitely like wolf and fox fur models that look incredibly brutal and stylish.

fashionable styles of winter coats 2020 photo 2

Fashionable styles of winter 2020 fur coats, which are described in our article, are not canons of how you should dress in the new season. These are just ideas that will help you get inspired to create your own masterpiece.

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