Fashionable raincoats: 15 stylish and trendy models of spring 2020

In the spring season of 2020, raincoats will be the most trendy clothes. This outerwear is good to wear in cool weather or between seasons, when nature moves from one temperature to another.

Raincoats can be of all kinds of styles and sewn from various materials. Each woman can choose the appropriate model of a cloak to her image.

Leather raincoats

It is leather coats this year that will be more popular. Moreover, the style and color does not matter much. Choose those models that are more suitable for your figure. It can be either fitted models, or a straight silhouette or oversize.

Raincoats with print

Printed raincoats always look interesting. The cell will again be a popular pattern. It doesn’t matter whether it’s chess, a plaid, or some other. Animal prints are also popular. For example, crocodile, snake or leopard skin. You can also look at drawings of flowers or patterns with their participation. Such clothes will look incredible in the spring.

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Vinyl raincoats

Vinyl raincoats were very popular in the 80s. After 40 years, they will again become relevant. Color can be any. Classic or, conversely, bright colors – it does not matter. The main thing is that the shade is suitable for your image and face type. Particular attention should be paid to raincoats of bright red color. They will be in great demand.

Shiny Cloaks

These raincoats were actively demonstrated at the latest fashion shows. The chip was the shiny material from which they were sewn. Metallic colors or lurex are perfect for such a cloak. If nothing suits you, you can consider a dense satin. It will also come in handy this spring.

Suede Cloak

Such raincoat models are more suitable in dry, warm weather. They are great for a classic style or casual. They can also be with any pattern. Color also does not matter much. For business meetings, it is better to give preference to classic colors.

Transparent raincoats

Raincoats made of transparent material are more suitable in rainy weather. Pockets, cuffs and collars can be made of colored material. However, they should not get wet.

Raincoats can be made not only of different materials. They can have different lengths, which should not be forgotten. Choose the ones you like. Do not forget to properly care for the raincoat to extend its life.

Do you wear raincoats? Write in the comments what style of raincoats this spring you will give your preference.

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