Fashionable jackets spring-summer: 25 stylish models 2020

In spring and summer, large temperature differences can occur, from a bright warm day to rain and slush. For these cases, you need to find a jacket that will save you from any weather. Thanks to the work of designers in the spring-summer 2020 season, women will be able to find many beautiful, cozy and stylish jackets for any look.

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Color schemes of fashionable jackets in the spring and summer of 2020

The coloring of outerwear greatly affects the overall image, so it is especially important to choose a color that suits your style and will correspond to fashion trends. This spring and summer at the peak of popularity will be the following color palette:

In the first place are pastel colors, especially pistachio, mint and their shades; Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 photo 2@charlottebridgeman Red, but rather a scarlet color can attract attention and light the eyes of the owner; Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 photo 1@cheraleelyleFashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 photo 1 Bright sunny colors can dilute gray everyday life; jackets spring-summer 2020 photo 14 Indigo, aquamarine and other deep shades of blue – this is a variant of a sophisticated woman; Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 photo 20 Coral color – spring 2020 trend; Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 photo 21 Traditional colors: white, black, beige will always be fashionable; Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 photo 3 jackets spring-summer 2020 photo 2 Stylish geometric, animal prints also occupy one of the main lines of the fashion show parade. Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 photo 5 jackets spring-summer 2020 photo 4

Fashionable styles of jackets spring-summer 2020

The current fashion is very diverse, which makes it possible to choose a jacket for any occasion, and with the right combination with one piece of clothing you can create images of any style.


Jeans are timeless fashion. Spring jackets made in denim style look very amazing. The jacket can be combined with trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses of any cut. A woman older than 40 can also purchase such a jacket, she can lose a couple of years and add freshness to the image. The trend of spring-summer 2020 is a denim jacket with leather leggings or a skirt.

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This year, eco-fur coats are very popular. The spring season also accepts various options for jackets with fur inserts. As an option, a jacket made in the style of color-blocking.

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For ladies who like austerity in clothes, but do not want to buy a classic coat, an option of a jacket with an added stitch will go. Practicality, convenience and style are the main criteria for a quilted jacket. Outerwear will suit ladies of any age. By the way, the jacket, made of dark tones of material with a vertical stitch, noticeably slim the owner.

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Leather jackets

Not a single modern girl can do without a classic leather jacket or leather jacket. Thanks to a large selection of style, print and decor, you can find the perfect option for any figure and lifestyle. Leather products look very harmonious together with silk dresses – a romantic and chic bow.

Fashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 photo 11 jackets spring-summer 2020 photo 24 jackets spring-summer 2020 photo 23 jackets spring-summer 2020 photo 4@sindiarifiFashionable jackets spring-summer 2020 photo 3@charlottebridgeman


This cut is still very popular among girls. Convenience and a free cut of an oversize jacket will hide flaws and allow you to fantasize, creating images for every day.

In the spring and summer of 2020, you can choose the usual options for styles, many trends came from past seasons. Each lady of any age will find for herself the best option that can transform her and show the virtues of the figure.

Have you purchased a spring jacket? What do you prefer, oversize or jackets? Share your opinion in the comments!

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