Fashionable images in blue spring-summer 2020

It's no secret that any color palette looks great if you use it correctly when creating your images. However, designers and stylists each season determine one color, which is a favorite of this fashion period.

In the spring-summer 2020 season, the trend will be blue and all its shades. Especially for you, we have made a selection of stylish bows and looks using blue wardrobe items. in blue spring-summer 2020 photo 5

Stylish looks with a blue sweater

A blue sweater, jumper or pullover matches perfectly with blue or blue, but a lighter shade of jeans. Shoes in this way will suit the most comfortable: your favorite sneakers, boots or boots on low speed.

Blue suit – the basis of a fashionable bow

The blue suit shown in the photo below will suit you if you have, as in the song, "The mood color is blue." Fair-haired girls with blue or green eyes will look perfect in such a suit. However, brown-eyed brown-haired women should choose lighter shades so that the image does not seem dark and oversaturated with colors. in blue spring-summer 2020 photo 6

The blue color palette is the perfect solution for your dress

A chic dress in blue tones – what could be more beautiful. Depending on the length and style of the dress, you can easily create a casual or festive look. For a blue or blue long dress, stylists recommend classic boats with not too high heels.

For shorter models used on weekdays, sneakers, loafers or moccasins are suitable.

images in blue spring-summer 2020 photo 4

As you can see, looking stylish is not at all difficult. Choose your favorite style in a fashionable color and you will see how the world around you shines in a new way. It's time to change something. Get to know yourself new in trendy blue.

Do you have blue clothes in your wardrobe? Write in the comments which of the shades of blue you like.

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