Fashionable accents of fall 2019: how to choose stylish accessories

Fashionable accents of fall 2019: how to choose stylish accessories © depositphotos

In the program "Ranok z Ukrainyu", which is released on weekdays at 6:30 on the channel "Ukraine", they talked about fashion accessories in autumn 2019 and their combinations.

Fall 2019: Trending Points

Although summer has already ended, but the sun burns no less and in the beginning of autumn – without glasses in any way. But these are definitely not portholes or square-shaped glasses. Remember the vintage!

Cat glasses are a thing of the past. We pay attention to vintage glasses, for example, in a thin frame, of an interesting non-standard form, and today it is very relevant and fashionable. But glasses with wide frames and logos of well-known brands are also considered vintage – they also went vintage – these were glasses from the 90s by the stylist Olga Nagornaya in the program "Rank from Ukraine".

Shabby with a rim of copper color or with huge massive emblems.

Previously, such glasses were worn only under jeans or shorts and an ordinary white T-shirt, but now classic suits with wide trousers and oversized jackets are replacing. It looks cool and stylish! added a stylist.

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Fall 2019: fashion accessories on the neck

Retro glasses are now even chosen by Hollywood stars. As for the most trendy accessory around the neck, the stylist advises choosing massive chains and combining them with any images – from romantic to casual.

Massive chains from the 90s come into fashion. Moreover, such an accessory will look great in combination with precious stones, and just in gold or silver, Olga Nagornaya said.

Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian and Reese Witherspoon also chose this accessory.

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New jeweler alert 🚨 Follow @jadellebh for the 🔥. This pic makes me miss my long nails 💅🏼

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Too cool for school: the most fashionable styling of the fall

Fall 2019: bright bags

In past seasons, it was considered normal to carry bags of dark colors, but not this fall.

In the new season, we abandon all muted colors: gray, brown. Choose bright ones – the brighter the better. Saturated green, red, orange, pink! Just do not confuse bright with acid, since acid is already a thing of the past, the stylist said.

New trends advise not to focus only on accessories – they must be combined with vivid images.

Another super accessory that is now in trend is a string bag! In the fall with her you will look very stylish! Very stylish string bags with lining inside added Olga Nagornaya.

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For my birthday I just want all the cake, all the flowers and all the candy … is that too much to ask ?! Thank you for the sweet wishes, feeling like one very lucky lady (even received my own birthday bag from @draperjames!) 💕

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Fall 2019: men's belts

And finally, about what you just need to borrow from men.

An accessory for this fall is a massive, men's belt. And any image habitual for us can be completed with an original men's belt. Also, such a rough belt will look great with delicate romantic dresses made of silk or chiffon. Such combinations will look at the same time gentle and rude to the stylist.

The main thing is not to wear belts for miniskirts and pants with a low rise. Men's belts themselves are wide with a massive plaque, so they are more suitable for something voluminous. To perfectly emphasize the waist or give the image completeness.

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2 Queens are always better than 1! I love this girl. Proud of you @dualipa! Can’t wait to continue getting to know you and your bad ass family! Love you!

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