Fashion accessories spring-summer 2020, which should be present in the women's arsenal

Accessories – this is the final touch in any image that can give a special character to your outfit.

Fashion accessories for spring-summer 2020 are sure. Let's see what exactly will be in trend in the coming season.

Fashion bags

Handbag is an indispensable element in creating a stylish image. The trend is the so-called double (bag in bag) and transparent models.

bags fall-winter 2019-2020 photo 6 fall-winter 2019-2020 photo 8

Impractical, but original bracelet handbags today are at the top of the fashion hit parade.

bracelet bag photo 3 bag photo 7

A win-win option – laconic bags, usually in basic colors: black, white and beige. In many collections, models of bright colors are also present.

Asymmetric skirt photo 14's fashion jeans spring-summer 2020 photo 12 women jeans spring-summer 2020 photo 16 style spring 2020 photo 5 that can ruin a first date photo 2


Summer options for hats are presented in the form of wide-brimmed hats, panama hat and straw panama hat.

summer bags 2019 photo 4 accessories spring-summer 2020 photo 9 accessories spring-summer 2020 photo 8

The usual fabric panama was replaced by products that hold their shape well and thus look like hats, but more elongated. Both plain and printed panamas are in fashion. A wide-brimmed hat is relevant in the size of oversize.

Fashion accessories spring-summer 2020 photo 6 accessories spring-summer 2020 photo 10

Again in a visor visors of various shapes, caps and baseball caps are no less relevant.

It is not forbidden to supplement the image with a scarf, bandana or a stylish bandage.

Fashion accessories spring-summer 2020 photo 14 accessories spring-summer 2020 photo 12


The main masthead of the season is a wide belt resembling a mini-corset. He perfectly emphasizes the waist, and looks gorgeous with shirts and blouses.

The practical wide and narrow leather belts in black or beige are gaining popularity again. To make the image look complete, choose shoes and a belt of the same color.

Fashion accessories spring-summer 2020 photo 5 accessories spring-summer 2020 photo 4


Here the rule is taken as a basis – there should be many of them, and they must be massive. Now you do not need to choose earrings, rings and pendants for a long time. Fashion gives you the go-ahead!

Fashion accessories spring-summer 2020 photo 11 bags 2019 photo 5


They are large enough with ethnic motives. Bracelets of the same type or paired options are worn immediately on both hands.

Fashion accessories spring-summer 2020 photo 13 bag photo 12


They are good everywhere, both on earrings and on shoes. In the trend of the season, various weaving, length and materials.

Fashion designers experiment with small handbags on chains, belts and chain handles for bags.

summer bags 2019 photo 8 bags 2019 photo 3 winter 2020 photo 5

Chain styling can be done in the form of print or embossing.

Almost any fashion collection has chokers, large bracelets, original necklaces and large chain link earrings.

Fashion earrings

Earrings of the spring-summer season are usually large and noticeable. A stylish solution is to wear only one earring or two, but different types.

Fashion lawmakers highlight geometric and round shapes. As for materials, there is a vast field for imagination – metal and artificial stones, acrylic and wood, leather and textiles. accessories spring-summer 2020 photo 7 bags 2019 photo 9

It is especially worth noting that the asymmetry here is manifested in the same way as in other elements of the wardrobe. She is a decisive leader among fashion trends, so we can safely combine earrings from different sets.

Chokers (short necklaces)

The charming and feminine look of the chokers once again thrilled fashion shows. The collections of leading fashion houses presented them in a variety of options, various shapes, materials and textures.

Fashion accessories spring-summer 2020 photo 15


What sunglasses to choose to be in trend?

Fashion accessories spring-summer 2020 photo 3 Overseas in plastic or metal. Round in vintage style. Square, extravagant appearance. Cat's eye – bulky glasses with a thick frame made of plastic, possibly with an additional decor of stones or print. With a transparent frame. summer bags 2019 photo 6

If you want to be in trend, then listen to the designers and create your perfect style! Your new image is completely in your hands.

Have you already decided in what image you will meet the new season? Be sure to tell us in the comments about your fashion plans for the spring-summer 2020 season.

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