Emphasize all the virtues of the figure! Coco Chanel Style 2020

Coco Chanel is a woman who was able to create clothes that can emphasize the dignity of the figure. Style is rightfully considered one of the most sought-after even today, despite the fact that the fashion designer left us 40 years ago. Classic looks will make a woman well-groomed, stylish, elegant and effective. Modern ladies combine this style with everyday things, skillfully combining clothes with refined classics. In the article, we will tell you about several rules of Coco Chanel's chic style that will help you choose clothes for every day.

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Skirts and dresses

Coco invited fashionable women to choose skirts and dresses of a laconic and simple cut. In color solutions, it is better to give preference to traditional black or white. One of the principles of creating fashionable images of Coco Chanel is that the poorer the clothes look, the richer they really are. The designer has created a classic and beloved pencil skirt that emphasizes silhouette and hides her knees. It is better to choose shoes that are comfortable, but you should definitely stick in your heel.


Black cocktail dress is the main thing of all fashionistas in the world. Coco Chanel invented it as opposed to lush and too elaborate dresses. This thing emphasizes the figure, young woman and adds elegance to the image.

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Coco Chanel practically did not wear trousers, but suggested that ladies who want to increase the comfort of their look choose the classic version of the cut. Trouser suits of the fashion designer are convenient, stylish and versatile. Such an image will always be in trend and suitable for many important events in life.

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A jacket is a mini copy of a jacket, but there is no collar in it. Usually performed to the waist. Models are distinguished by the presence of buttons or their complete absence. Blouses from a pleasant and delicate fabric that emphasize the freshness of the face are put on under the jacket. The material of the jacket is always light, which allows you to beat the figure in a favorable light. The palette should be calm: blue, beige, gray. For a gala evening, you can choose a red jacket.

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The designer has created a very elegant and miniature handbag. Accessory in the form of a clutch with a long strap over his shoulder. For a handbag to fit Coco Chanel's style, it must meet the following criteria:

The accessory should be made in plain color, soft shades; Only a logo can be present on the bag; The strap is made in the form of metal chains intertwined with each other; The rectangular shape of the bag; Square Clasp. Coco Chanel style 2020 photo 2https://www.instagram.com/maryorton/Coco Chanel style 2020 photo 1 https://www.instagram.com/maryorton/

Coco Chanel's style is an image of stylish women who want to look young and attractive. The structure of the clothes, the material and the cut of the fashion designer are designed to ensure that things will neatly emphasize the dignity of the figure and, if necessary, hide small flaws in the body. With the right combination, ladies can create a unique bow that will contain not only old fashion trends, but also new details of modern styles.

Do you like classic style of clothes? Share with us your favorite bow from Coco Chanel!

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