Eat or not: what is the harm of snacking?

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A snack is a real salvation in the crazy rhythms of working days. However, many are so addicted to them that they replace the main meals. This, of course, is completely wrong. Others, however, do not so “sin” with them, but have fun between the main meals. The editors of decided to find out if there is any harm from snacks, what is it, and is there an opportunity to make snacks healthy?

What makes you want to eat?

Top 5 snacks you can take to the beach Eat or not: what is the harm of snacking? © Depositphotos

The main desire to eat is an appetite. However, it is not always the result of hunger. Sometimes people reach for food even when they are not at all hungry. What makes people eat more?

Boredom. Perhaps you noticed that on weekends, when there is nothing to do, you often come to the refrigerator. This is not a consequence of hunger, but a way to escape. Company. Meeting with friends, at least, includes a trip to a cafe, where it’s easy to chat on different topics for a delicious cheesecake. Having food at hand. Do not leave the chocolate alone? Emotional condition. When you feel sad and upset, it seems that only a ton of sweets can save you from longing. Personal beliefs. When you consider it a norm to constantly chew something.

What are snacks?

Top 5 snacks you can take to the beach Eat or not: what is the harm of snacking? © Depositphotos

Snacks are different. Someone chooses high-calorie and unhealthy options for a snack, while others try not to harm their health and choose healthier options for an intermediate meal.

Light and high-calorie snacks to satisfy hunger “on the go” should be attributed to uniquely harmful snacks. It can be cookies, potato chips, chocolate bars, popcorn, salted or sweet nuts, crackers. All of these products contain almost no nutrients. But in them there are a lot of "empty" calories that spoil the figure and significantly harm health. And there are a lot of various nutritional supplements that arouse appetite – manufacturers took care of this so that you often have a snack. People who opt for these snack foods tend to be overweight.

There is also a second healthier type of snack. We are talking about apples, almonds, bananas, frozen berries, whole grain crackers with pieces of cheese, fried pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, stuffed eggs, pistachios, fruit bars, cashews and other similar products. In the listed options for a snack, there is everything necessary for the body: vitamins, dietary fiber, micro and macro elements. Such snacks are not so harmful, they are chosen by people who try to monitor their health and weight.


How not to die from malnutrition in Ukraine: advice of a trainer-nutritionist

How do snacks affect body weight?

Top 5 snacks you can take to the beach Eat or not: what is the harm of snacking? © Depositphotos

Snacks can affect body weight, increasing it, or vice versa reducing it. It depends on the time and quality of the snack. Nutritionists conducted an experiment in which women were divided into two groups. Both groups received snacks of the same calorie content, only at different times of the day. Those who ate snacks in the evening soon gained a couple of pounds.

Snacks can help lose weight, however. This was found out by doctors who conducted a study with 17 patients with diabetes. The experiment participants ate snacks rich in dietary fiber and protein, and over 4 weeks their weight decreased by an average of 1 – 2 kg.

Is there any harm from snacking: nutritionist opinion

In order to find out if there is harm from snacking, whether there are snacks without harm to the figure, the editors of turned to nutritionist Inna Grigorenko for advice. The doctor told us how many times a day a healthy person needs to eat, whether it is possible to have snacks and what they should be.

nutritionist nutritionist Inna Grigorenko expert opinion With regards to snacking, there is no one answer for everyone. If you are a healthy person, then it is optimal to eat three times a day, without snacking. But in the presence of certain diseases of the digestive system, or if you want to reduce weight, or if it is difficult for you to control your appetite, you need snacks. They should not be very large and consist of products that are beneficial. It can be unroasted Greek or pine nuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, sour milk yogurt. It is better to avoid snacking only with fruits or products that contain simple carbohydrates (white flour products, ground cereals, confectionery). And try not to stretch the snack for the whole time between the main meals.

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