Eat and grow old: what foods adversely affect the skin

Eat and Ages: Which Foods Affect Your Skin ©

Tell me what you eat and I will tell you when you get old. No, this is not a philosopher's statement, but a completely honest remark by observant people and doctors. We learned to love some foods only after we got older (olives, for example), but we are not talking about tasty and healthy things that can be found in your refrigerator.

We have collected products that accelerate the aging process of the skin and adversely affect the body in principle. It is unlikely that you will wake up with a wrinkled face immediately after you indulge in true enjoyment with a piece of something harmful, but you absolutely definitely ruin your general health and even “deepen” wrinkles.


Confectionery, chocolate bars, kilograms of fruit at night, and sugar in tea can develop tooth decay, cause diabetes or obesity. And also become the cause of premature skin aging, because sugar harms the functioning of the vascular system, which causes other problems.


Bruises under the eyes and falling hair are the most obvious problems that you provoke when drinking alcohol. The sooner you realize that you have real problems with alcohol, the sooner you stop premature aging. Skin color, which usually gives age: fresh and plain in young and healthy; yellow and not monophonic for those who like to sip.


There is nothing harmful in processed meat products, but only if you never eat them. Sausage phosphates are deposited in the body and cause the development of atherosclerosis. In short, inside you seem to be 60 years old, and outside – the actual age. But what's inside is equally important! Well, the color of the skin, which also does not fade from phosphates, by itself!

Flour products

The high glycemic index in the composition of white flour products works for the body as destructively as sugar. These foods are also best avoided.


Margarine is our # 1 enemy in the fight against wrinkles. It retains water in the body and worsens the condition of the skin. In addition, it contains trans fats, from which memory and the general condition of the body deteriorate.

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