Dresses below the knee: 30 stunning designs for lovely ladies

Each girl is unique and each has its own unique complexion. The length of your dress can both emphasize yours and ruin it. Therefore, the choice should be taken seriously enough.

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Dress just below the knee

This length is perfect for ladies with a pear shape, as well as for women of high and medium height. A dress a little lower than the knees does an excellent job of visually narrowing the hips. But for beauties with narrower hips and short stature, it will not only ruin the figure, but also shorten its legs. You will look a little ridiculous in this.

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Black dress below the knee

This dress is sewn of various materials and can be of different styles. It can be both sheath dresses and more free models. It is the black color that adds sophistication to your figure. The dress can be decorated with rhinestones, ruffles or lace, or it can be completely without decor.

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Dress below the knees with sleeves

Women who have complexes about their hands, a good choice would be models with a long sleeve or three quarters. These dresses are worn with high heels or flat shoes. It goes well with elongated vests or fur coats.

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Long dresses below the knees

The category of long dresses include the length of midi, maxi and maxi.

Midi dresses look great on girls with any figure and height. It can be worn with both sneakers and shoes. It is universal.

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But the style of midaxi, on the contrary. This dress is suitable for girls with high stature, for example, models.

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Girls of medium and short stature need dresses that do not completely hide their legs. For example, dresses with a slit to the middle of the thigh. They should be sewn from a light translucent material or have a petticoat below the opaque material. It must be worn with high heels.

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Maxi dress is suitable for all girls with any shape. For such a dress, consider the time at which you wear it. For example, in the morning it is better to wear such a dress from light material, and in the evening from a denser one. Shoes also fit any that matches your look.

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The variety of styles of dresses below the knee is striking in its breadth. The main thing when creating stylish images with a long dress is the correspondence of the model of your complexion and growth.

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Take a responsible approach to the selection of your wardrobe, try not to miss the details. And the advice of designers that we have collected in this article especially for you will help you not to miss anything.

Do you wear dresses below the knees? Let us know in the comments which style you prefer.

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