Do not deny yourself anything: what you can eat with poisoning

Do not deny yourself anything: what can be eaten in case of poisoning ©

Poisoning is one of the most unpleasant ailments that greatly affects the usual way of life. Poisoning, unfortunately, is a very common thing. One careless purchase of take-away coffee and spoiled milk spoils your life. However, not everyone knows that it is necessary to change eating habits due to poisoning.

The diet during poisoning can be much more diverse than kefir and some water. The editors of will tell you what to eat in case of poisoning and how not to aggravate the consequences of poisoning.

What can I eat with food poisoning

Food poisoning is accompanied by the following symptoms: high fever; decreased or lack of appetite; asthenia; diarrhea; abdominal pain; bloating; nausea and vomiting; cold, sticky sweat; low pressure; cardiopalmus. What foods can be eaten in case of poisoning?

If you find symptoms of poisoning, you should eat the following foods:

mashed potatoes; buckwheat; light broth without meat; rice semolina; boiled grated meat; grated carrot; vegetable broth; boiled eggs; steamed omelet without spices and vegetables; vegetables, after heat treatment (boiled, steamed); jelly; berry jelly; green tea; biscuit cookies.

This list of products can be gradually introduced into the diet for everyone who has appetite after poisoning.

Naturally, with fatty foods, takeaway foods and junk food, it’s better to hold off. You should also not try your luck and lean on chocolate or fruit. This can make the situation worse.

Recently, we talked about what to eat in order not to get sick and showed a list of products that strengthen the immune system.


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