Diseases that appear in summer: signs, syndromes, treatment

Diseases that appear in the summer: signs, syndromes, treatment © depositphotos.com

Seasonal allergies are by no means the only problem you can face in the summer. Diseases in the summer can catch up with those who like to cool the room with air conditioning, sit in a draft, or stumble into a half-day fan.

Despite the fact that the weather may seem like an abnormal heat, in the evening only one fashionable top needs to be supplemented with a jacket. Why? It's simple – from a change in temperature or a sudden wind you can catch a cold and lie down with a temperature or cough.

But these are superficial diseases in the summer. The editors of tochka.net have gathered the main diseases that appear in the summer, so that you can be warned and armed.

Top 5 diseases that appear in the summer

Poisoning: diseases in summer

One of the most common summer diseases is poisoning. The fact is that the seasonal vegetables and fruits that we buy in supermarkets and on the market are a favorite breeding ground for microbes. In the sun, their activity increases significantly and we become potential victims of poorly washed snacks.

You will be surprised, but the bacteria can spread not only to the spoiled product, but also to the food that lies nearby in the refrigerator.

The most dangerous of course remain:

spoiled meat (you never know how much you rode with him in the trunk of barbecues); fish (yes, from land in nature at lunchtime it is better not to risk it); mushrooms (not only fly-agaric, because you are not a professional mushroom picker); ice cream (suddenly it was defrosted on the way to the store, and then it was frozen again?); vegetables and fruits (my everything is very careful, because they were collected, loaded and unloaded by hand. And it is unlikely that the hands were clean).

Of course, you know that dysentery and botulism is a direct path to the doctor. Symptoms are noticeable immediately: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite (still!), Fever, chills.

Do not treat summer sickness at home, seriously. Call the hospital immediately so that the professionals will ease your anguish. In the hospital, your stomach will be washed and you will be recommended to drink plenty of water at room temperature. Ignoring the advice of a doctor or hoping that the poisoning will pass by itself is stupid.

Diseases that appear in summer: signs, syndromes, treatment Diseases that appear in the summer: signs, syndromes, treatment © depositphotos.com


This terrible summer disease occurs in those who cannot deny themselves the pleasure of sitting under the air conditioner or sleeping with the window open. In fact, only the disease sounds scary, because the symptoms are familiar to everyone and no one attaches great importance to this.

Myositis is manifested by symptoms of muscle weakness. It may feel like you came back from a terribly hard workout. All muscles begin to ache and ache, and touch them almost impossible.

Those who have repeatedly suffered from this summer illness need to undergo a course of massage and take breaks in airing and cooling the room to prevent the return of syndromes.

Skin diseases

It is not surprising that in summer it is easy to catch a skin infection. In contacts with open areas of the body of other people, with small wounds or even in public transport.

It can be a fungus, ringworm, and any contact infection.

In order to protect yourself from these summer diseases, carry a disinfector with you and take care that all small wounds are sealed with a plaster.


No, contrary to popular belief, sore throat is a summer illness. From a big jump in temperature, when you drink cold water or eat cold ice cream in the heat, you may have a sore throat.

Redness in the throat, fever, weakness, swollen lymph nodes, malaise, and pain when swallowing are some of the symptoms by which you can identify a sore throat. It is important to know that home treatment can lead to serious complications, so you definitely need to see a doctor.

She should contact with patients with angina and use the same dishes with them. If you feel the first symptoms – contact your doctor immediately to get help.

Diseases that appear in summer: signs, syndromes, treatment Diseases that appear in the summer: signs, syndromes, treatment © depositphotos.com


Well, the most common summer illness – sunstroke. No one is immune from this. If you're on the street in direct sunlight for more than half an hour – you're at risk. Do not forget that sunstroke is a very dangerous and sudden brain damage from the sun.

Symptoms of sunstroke include: headache, vomiting, nausea, convulsions and fever. The temperature, by the way, often rises to 40 degrees.

In the event of sunstroke, the affected person must be given first aid: transfer it to the shade and make a cold compress. Sunstroke is a very dangerous disease, because it can end in a coma or even death.

Earlier we answered the question why a person is sweating. The answer can be found on the link.


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