Denim skirts: the return of the 90s trends

The cyclical nature of fashion is difficult to dispute – each new season is like a guide to the symbols of individual eras. Sometimes the "return to the past" delays designers, and they rethink the iconic things of an individual decade for several seasons in a row.

Pants, bananas, turtlenecks, "father's sneakers" and waist bags – all these signs of the 90s were again included in the list of fashion trends in autumn. At the same time, a new trend was added to them – a denim skirt, with which we propose starting the seasonal update of the wardrobe.

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Denim skirt: top 5 current models and the rules for their combinations

Denim – one of the most practical materials always remains in the tops, as well as jeans. But such a silhouette as a skirt, for some time, left fashionable radars. This season, designers propose to fix the mistake by choosing a style that suits you.

Pencil skirt

A denim pencil skirt will be indispensable for creating bows in a business style. A trendy thing will change the mood of the image, removing excessive conservatism. The skirt design emphasizes stylish asymmetry, attention to the seams and texture of the material. From the decor – fringe, as small elements emerging from the seams, as well as voluminous details that adorn the pockets.


Choose the top to the skirt, starting from personal preferences and the nature of the event. For bows in an office style, we recommend complementing the model with a classic white shirt or golf. For special occasions, a graceful Victorian-style blouse that will play in contrast with a brutal jeans is suitable.

Long Midi Skirt

A denim skirt with an elegant long midi promises to be a must have of the season. The trend will be both a universal A-silhouette, suitable for all types of figures, and a feminine style of "Godde", beautifully emphasizing the figure. The waistline is, of course, overpriced. This trend remains unchanged for all models.

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The length of the midi is quite demanding, but if you learn how to handle it, the effect will amaze you.

the waistline should always be accented, and therefore tuck any top, so you visually lengthen your legs, and at the same time the whole silhouette; choose outerwear either short, reaching to the beginning of the thigh, or a long, completely covering skirt. The principle of multilayer “cabbage” is inappropriate in this case; from shoes – high boots, leaving under the skirt. This technique will avoid horizontal lines that shorten the silhouette.

Using these rules, you can create a stylish look that works for your figure.

Mini skirt

What are the 90s and without the provocative mini? This season, the cult model will be complemented by a number of buttons, voluminous pockets and a candy belt. As for the material, the prerogative is boiled jeans or tie-dye colors.

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A denim miniskirt gets along well with things of different styles, from driving hoodies in a street style to classic shirts and strict jackets. It will not be difficult to choose shoes for the model. Actual sneakers on a tractor sole, elite oxfords and brogues or graceful boats – you just have to choose.

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Odor skirt

Smelling models are traditionally included in the top 5 actual silhouettes. Such a popularity of the style is explained by the original lines of the cut, serving as the main decor of the skirt and the versatility with which it adapts to each type of figure. And yet, this is the eternal ode to femininity.

Denim skirt by smell will be relevant in any length. The mini will add coquetry to the silhouette, the Italian knee-length is respectability, and the model in the midi will captivate with its sophistication. Add to this an intriguing cut, an indispensable element of a wrap skirt, and you will get the perfect option for diverse bows.

Grunge style skirt

From trend silhouettes, we turn to style directions. This season, designers have identified several favorite styles: the elite Preppy, aggressive Punk and democratic Grunge. A denim skirt fits perfectly into the atmosphere of the latter.

It’s not difficult to find out the model made in the famous direction of Grunge – patchwork style design, combining textures, fringe and print elements. Such contrasting combinations make the thing bright and exclusive, and the image is memorable.

Such a skirt for self-confident girls who are not afraid to attract the attention of others. But they also need to be careful not to overdo it with a degree of outrageousness. Therefore, remember how to wear such a thing:

if the skirt design contains 2-3 accents, choose the top as concise as possible, and support the style direction in accessories; classic shoes will have to be abandoned – grunge does not accept rigor and formality. But boldly complement the bow with models in the style of sport-chic or rude boots – the traditional companions of “Marginal Chic”. do not forget about the hairstyle – your hair, laid in a thoughtful mess, will leave no doubt that your mood today is very “grunge”.

As you can see, organically fitting a denim skirt into your wardrobe is easy. The model is ready to support any experiment, from drawing up stylish images for every day to spectacular bows for cocktail parties.

What skirt did you like? Share in the comments!

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