Daylight Saving Time 2020: Health Implications

When Daylight Saving Time is Changed ©

On March 29, at 3 a.m., all residents of Ukraine will turn the hands one hour ahead. Our country will switch to summer time. wants to figure out how it will appear on your health.

Because when you move the clock hands forward to summer time, in our bodies there is a rhythm disturbance and small sleep reductions, sufficient to cause a heart attack in some people.

Quoting Martin Young, a professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, who states: “Every cell in the body has a molecular clock that allows cells and organs to anticipate the events of the day. When time changes, such as a job change, travel with a change of time zones, or transition to summertime, these cells have to reset their internal synchronization mechanism. "

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Well, let's hope that the government of our country takes care of our well-being and leaves our biorhythms alone.

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