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We live in constant motion and constant rush, and there are days (almost all) when you just need to look good with a minimum amount of time. At the same time, it doesn’t even matter if you have a child or not, work, study, other worries – we girls want to always look beautiful and well-groomed.

In a situation where there is no time to spend time on makeup, daily makeup comes to the rescue in a couple of minutes. Yes, you heard right, just a couple of minutes and you are ready to conquer the world.

To begin, let's figure out what products you need for daytime makeup.

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Tonal basis. If your skin is clean and smooth, you do not have to use a foundation, but as we know, this is quite rare. Choose the right foundation for your complexion, and then you do not have to shade it for a long time. Powder. To make up not only fast, but also long-lasting, use powder. She will help fix makeup for the whole day. Ink. She will create an expressive look without taking your time. Blush. With blush, your face will look fresh and healthy. Gel for eyebrows. Beautiful eyebrows are one of the main secrets of beautiful makeup. They frame the face and emphasize it. Lip gloss. Lip gloss is the so-called "cherry on the cake." He will help complete your image, and no one will even guess that your makeup took only 2 minutes.

So, when you have prepared all the necessary products for quick daytime makeup, it's time to start applying them. We recommend using sunscreen before applying makeup. This product is required in every cosmetic bag, because it will protect your skin from harmful sunlight and help keep it healthy and supple.


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To begin, apply a tonal foundation to your skin in any way convenient for you – with a brush, sponge or even with your fingers. The foundation needs some time to absorb slightly into the skin.

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This time you can do eyelashes and eyebrows. Paint on the eyelashes with mascara, moving the brush slightly to the corner of the eye, and comb the eyebrows and fix with a gel.

Apply powder on top of the foundation, and then color the skin with a blush. Complete the look with lip gloss.

To make quick make-up a little more solemn, for example, for a party or a holiday, before applying mascara, decorate your eyes with your favorite shadows. In addition, instead of shine for gut, you can use lipstick or matte shine. This will make the makeup even more vibrant and festive.

And so that your makeup matches the latest fashion trends, check out the trends of fall makeup 2019 from the latest fashion shows.


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