Coronavirus in cartoons: the Ministry of Health explains with the help of commercials what it is and how to be careful

Coronavirus: what is it and can it be protected from it © Depositphotos

The virus from China continues to spread around the world. Now another outbreak has occurred in Italy. At present, over 300 people have been infected with coronavirus, 11 deaths have been recorded. The Ukrainians also succumbed to panic because of the Chinese virus, because our fellow citizens were evacuated from the Celestial Empire and sent to quarantine in the Poltava region.

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine published two cartoons explaining what COVID-19 is and what actions to take in case of suspected infection.

The Ministry of Health advises Ukrainians:

avoid contact with people who have signs of fever and coughing, wash hands with soap, disinfect with an antiseptic, use medical masks and personal protective equipment correctly, especially in medical institutions, avoid contact with pets and wild animals, Thermally process livestock products ( eggs, fish, meat).

Watch cartoons about coronavirus:

About whether it is safe to travel around Italy – read here.

Earlier, we talked about the recommendations to travelers regarding the coronavirus that the Ministry of Health gave.


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