Cold Allergy: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Cold Allergy: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment ©

Do you sneeze, you have a runny nose and everything says that you have a cold? Do not rush to diagnose yourself! Perhaps this is not a cold, but an allergy to cold. tells you about the symptoms, causes and methods of treating a cold allergy.

What is a cold allergy?

Usually an allergic reaction is caused by a specific allergen. But in the case of an allergy to cold, such a factor is absent. Instead, the role of the catalyst is performed by cold. The negative influence of this physical factor also strengthens the wind.

An allergy to cold develops due to impaired immunity. Very often they are associated with infections, chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, maxillary sinuses, tonsils, gums. Also at risk for cold allergies are people with a hereditary predisposition and those who suffer from other types of allergies. Also, people with delicate and sensitive skin can be exposed to such allergies. Statistics show that cold allergy is 70% more common in women than in men. Also, children often suffer from it.

Cold Allergy: Symptoms

Symptoms of a cold allergy are like a cold. The main complaints of allergy sufferers are runny nose and sneezing. This usually happens like this: you go outside on a frosty day and immediately feel your nose getting blocked, and also starts sneezing. Many people think they have a cold. But you can simply distinguish allergies from colds – in a warm room all the symptoms disappear.

In other cases of cold allergies, symptoms may include conjunctivitis or dermatitis. Your eyes turn red, watery, while you are burning. And the skin, in turn, becomes dry, peels and itches.

Cold Allergy: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Cold Allergy: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment ©

There is also a type of cold allergy that is similar to hives. In principle, they call it that – cold urticaria. In this case, blisters and red spots of various shapes and sizes appear on the face, upper lip, eyelids. In some cases, these rashes may appear throughout the body. In this case, the blisters are accompanied by severe itching and swelling of the surrounding tissues. But this is not all – rashes appear on the body. Against the background of reddened skin, they resemble a nettle burn. Actually, that's why this type of allergy got its name. In parallel with rashes, the patient may feel chills, weakness, malaise, joint pain. In the event of such an allergy development, it is necessary to be more attentive and serious about your health – in especially severe cases, urticaria can lead to anaphylactic shock.

Cold Allergy: Treatment

The main role in the treatment of cold allergies is played by the use of antiallergic agents. Drugs, ointments, creams, and nasal sprays prescribed by the doctor can be used.

It is also worth sticking to a hypoallergenic diet. It provides for the exclusion from your diet of foods that can trigger an allergy complication. Among these products are citrus fruits, red vegetables and fruits, mushrooms, nuts, chocolate, coffee, as well as alcohol.

Also, for the treatment of allergies to cold, you can resort to traditional medicine. But it is possible – it is not always necessary.

Yarrow is good for allergies to cold. This plant has not only anti-allergic effect, but also normalizes metabolism.

Cold Allergy: Prevention

You may well use preventative measures that will help you avoid allergies to the cold. First of all, make a habit of lubricating your face and hands with fat cream before going out. Do not forget about the lips – hygienic lipstick.

Try to stay warm and not go outside without warm gloves, a hat and a scarf. If you are prone to cold allergies, then try not to go outside unnecessarily when the thermometer shows a low temperature. And give up cold food and drinks not in the cold, but also in the warm season.

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