Clothing that adds 10 years of age

Have you noticed that clothes can “freshen up and age”, or can add age. Let's see what things will add you 10 years of age, if not immediately removed from your wardrobe.

10. Jacket style "bat"

This model is only for thin girls. If your figure is far from the image of a reed, then the “Bat” style will turn the top into a large shapeless volume. It looks, at least, ugly.

9. Dress bag

The shapeless baggy dress has nothing to do with oversize this season. The dress bag looks like castoffs given to you by someone. Remove from wardrobe immediately!

8. Clothes with a funny texture

A funny ribbed texture, grass, mesh looks good on adolescents, but not in the elegant image that we strive for. The discord with age will be on the face. Combining such fabrics is very difficult even for stylists.

7. Horrible rhinestones and embroidery

Things with embroidery or rhinestones are not fashionable from the word at all. This is a tasteless cheap clothing, talking about the bad taste of the hostess. If you, of course, are not 3-10 years old.

6. The same applies to patterns.

Patterns, bright prints, incomprehensible inscriptions on clothes will make you look like a very young person. Take it off yourself and put it on rags or pillowcases for decorative pillows.

5. Earthy clothes

Olive, swamp, powdery pink tones give the face an unhealthy shade. These earthy colors should be eliminated completely, like aging any woman. But light and pinkish-peach tones, on the contrary, perfectly refresh the face.

4. Tapestry style

Fashion for tapestry colors is an echo of the last century. Ages, adds volume and makes the figure heavier. Do you need it?

3. Long pearl necklace

This accessory served as a decoration in the 30s of the last century. In the modern world, an image with a long pearl necklace is completely irrelevant. If you really want pearls, then give preference to beads made of this material around the neck.

2. Jacket not in shape

The desire to cover your figure with a volume jacket will lead to the opposite effect. You visually add yourself a few pounds of weight and become older. Despite the fact that you absolutely do not need such a result.

1. Clothes too heavy

Clothing with many details, zippers, pockets makes the image heavier. In such clothes you will look old-fashioned.

Do not forget that in clothes of a classic style you will always look natural and harmonious.

Refresh your wardrobe to look like a young, fresh and mischievous girl, a woman.

Do you have “aging” things in your wardrobe? Write us about them in the comments.

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