Choice of elegance: Italian style spring 2020

Italian style is synonymous with impeccable taste. Everything that Italians dress a priori becomes fashionable and popular. The style includes things that are distinguished by rigor, elegance and sexuality. Wardrobe items can be combined with each other and worn them for an important event or go to meet with a girlfriend. The style is completely lack of vulgarity, but there is an eternal classic. In the spring of 2020, an image in this style will be win-win and fashionable. style spring 2020 photo 5

Due to the wide variety of fabrics, designer details, shapes and tailoring of things, they can be worn from time to time. You can go to the supermarket in an elegant coat or wear a sophisticated dress for a gala evening. Some ladies prefer only these things, creating a basic wardrobe from the classic Italian style.

italian style spring 2020 photo 10

The main feature of the style is a simple cut and clear lines in clothes. Italians do not recognize too bright details, refuse from elaborate outfits, but wish to emphasize their body virtues.

italian style spring 2020 photo 9 style spring 2020 photo 4

Simplicity in the wardrobe is a sign of a confident woman. The Italian style does not have too accentuated design details, and at the same time causes an undeniable sense of style, sophistication and wealth.

italian style spring 2020 photo 8

The colors in the Italian style are mostly traditional: black and white. Clothes of various shades of beige are also popular. The gray palette also has a place in the Italian style. For more solemn events, you can choose a dress made of light, flowing material, with muted shades. style spring 2020 photo 7 italian style 2019 photo 5

Italians have a special passion for white things. An image consisting of a snow-white trouser suit or skirt will always look expensive and stylish.

autumn italian style 2019 photo 8

At the heart of any bow of the Italian style put in the first place – comfort. Strong-fitting things are rare in the image. In addition, the fabric of any product is made of high-quality and pleasant to the touch material.

autumn italian style 2019 photo 7

In the Italian style, knitwear looks very harmonious. Cream or white is the best option. Great importance is also given to outerwear. In the image, it is unacceptable to use voluminous jackets and fur coats. It is best to choose a classic coat of loose or fitted cut. style spring 2020 photo 11

Often ladies use peas in everyday onions. A blouse in white polka dots looks very romantic, made of a pleasant fabric that shimmers with a sparkle in the light. The most important thing is to muffle a little bright shade, for example, with a white jacket or jacket.

A variety of prints are allowed in the bow of this style. The main thing when combining is to follow the rule: a print can be present only on one thing, it is advisable to choose all the other wardrobe items in a plain color. The trend is geometric shapes, cell, strip. style spring 2020 photo 6

Italian style is always an elegant, sophisticated, sexy look. It is not necessary to buy a thing from well-known brands, you can find a wardrobe item at a lower price, but only if the fabric is of high quality. Clothing will always emphasize your merits and make you a real fashionista.

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