Checklist: how to cut costs and save on what you dream about

Checklist: how to cut costs and save what you dream about ©

Saving is not easy. You may be confused about money plans, misplacing expenses or simply not taking into account your sister’s birthday or your girlfriend’s wedding.

In order not to forget about how important the dream you are saving for is to focus on all kinds of auxiliary features that will help you not to lose focus on the goal.

We have compiled a short checklist, thanks to which you will develop the habit of saving, saving and collecting money. Save this list to make your dream a reality as soon as possible.

Checklist: how to cut costs and save on what you dream about

Visualize. If this is a car or Santorini island, put the correct screensaver on your phone and surround yourself with things that will remind you that you need it so much every day. Identify the bag you can really set aside. Do not drive yourself into a financial framework that borders on the impossible. To exclude all food from the diet or stop drinking your favorite harmful coffee is not an option. Try to make everything as comfortable as possible. Do not count on the amount you save as a spare. Imagine that these couple of thousands never appeared on your account. Put off the "extra". If you suddenly won the lottery / found a suitcase with a million / suddenly found $ 100 in your winter jacket pocket – put them aside for basic savings. Change to currency. Pulling out a couple of thousand in an emergency and pulling out a few franklinas is a noticeable difference. In addition, the dollar is more stable than the hryvnia, agree. Pamper yourself. What you collect does not mean that you should not live high here and now. Sometimes buying cheap lipstick turns off the Wishlist for a long time and softens your expectations of the "same" purchase of the century.

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