A selection of trendsetters: 8 stylish swimsuits Kylie Jenner © instagram.com/kyliejenner/ Kylie Jenner is the youngest billionaire whose opinion is trusted by millions of people. Kylie's advertising post is worth more than a million dollars, her business (the daughter of the enterprising Chris Jenner is engaged in cosmetics) brings her […]

7 unexpected products with sugar content © depositphotos.com We often decide to take on a very difficult matter – for a drastic weight loss. And for many, the fight against obesity begins with a theoretically correct approach – the revision of the diet. We want to upset you and tell […]

Staining © depositphotos.com The perfect trip to the salon depends not only on your desires and the choice of the master, but also on the location of the moon. tochka.net publishes for you the lunar calendar for August 2019. Lunar calendar for August 2019 August 1 is a neutral day. […]

Horoscope for July 2019 © tochka.net Horoscope on July 26, 2019: Aries The day is intended to complete cases and restore order in the documentation. You should not put off the routine work, the management may notice your shortcomings. In the afternoon, your ill-wisher will show his open attitude. Teaming […]

Horoscope for all signs © pixabay.com Horoscope for August 2019: Aries In the work of Aries resemble a huge volcano, which seemingly asleep. But if you touch it, the lava will destroy everything around. So, Aries, in August, do not allow yourself extra surges of emotions. Your biting phrases can […]