Anna Bondar © personal archive In order to create something, regardless of whether you are an artist, designer or make-up artist, you must have a certain state and composure. Initially, according to the very mood of the creator, you can determine what happens on the way out. Any man-made item […]

Pumpkin manicure © Less than a month is left until All Saints Day – Halloween 2019. It's time to choose a costume, makeup, hairstyle and manicure for Halloween. And what is associated with this holiday more than a pumpkin? Previously, she played the role of a lantern that illuminated […]

Horoscope for September 2019 © Horoscope on October 8, 2019: Aries A difficult working day awaits you, so try to plan everything in advance. Your colleague will ask for a service, try to help. In the afternoon there may be complications in negotiations with partners. Do not take unfair […]