Stylish men's haircut 2019-2020 Canadian © Men tend to monitor their appearance much more carefully than we think. In many respects, this concerns not only clothes, but also hairstyles. A good haircut can completely change the oval of the face and appearance as a whole, as well as give […]

Lunar Calendar © It is better to plan a change of image in advance. Therefore, shares with you the lunar haircut calendar for November 2019 – check it and select the perfect time. Lunar calendar haircuts for 2019 November 1 is a good time for a haircut. November […]

The first plus-size model of Victoria's Secret © Over the past year, Victoria's Secret lingerie brand has experienced a downturn in sales and is often faced with allegations that it does not support diversity. It seems that the brand decided to hop onto the last diversity car and launched […]

Bags that men don’t like: TOP-5 options © Women's bag is a big mystery for men. How do all these “really needed” items fit there, like a cosmetic bag, wallet, business card holder, a hair sample of a mountain bison, two pairs of tights and the keys to the […]

Note: How alcohol affects the skin © Everyone has long known that alcohol is the main enemy of beauty and youth. We have repeatedly looked for reasons to get into alcohol forever, proved to ourselves that it is very high-calorie, harmful and generally disgusting. Do you know how terrible […]

Fashionable skirts for fall 2019 © Even if real autumn has come for it and the weather is not happy with warmth, do not rush to wrap yourself in pants with fleece and dozens of layers of clothing, because even in cold weather you can look stylish and warm. […]