Horoscope for august 2019 © tochka.net Horoscope on August 10, 2019: Aries In the morning, you should take the time to resolve business issues. Try not to waste money, otherwise the partner may get angry with you. In the afternoon, you will have to participate in solving family problems of […]

Manicure 2019 © depositphotos.com Manicure is one of the important components of the image of every girl. Masters around the world do not stand still and constantly set new trends in nail art. Every season, we observe new trends in manicure: from changing forms to length and color. Let's see […]

Glitter Manicure © depositphotos.com The first color varnish appeared back in 1930, and from that moment, craftsmen and manufacturers have not stopped experimenting with textures and patterns. Over time, the easiest and at the same time the most popular way to add manicure to the festive atmosphere appeared – manicure […]

Confident: 5 Ways to Impress a Confident Person © depositphotos.com Self-confidence is an excellent trump card in the sleeve in virtually any situation. With the help of the ability to hold your posture, not to tremble with your voice and always look into the eyes of a person, it is […]

Lunar Calendar © depositphotos.com Have you already started planning for September? Meet-trip-manicure. But you still have to make an appointment for staining. tochka.net publishes the lunar dyeing calendar for September 2019, so that you change your hair color on the right day! September 2019 lunar staining calendar September 1 – […]