Horoscope for July 2019 © tochka.net Horoscope on July 3, 2019: Aries This day should be devoted to communication with colleagues and form new plans. You need to be actively involved in social activities in order to gain favor with the leadership. In the afternoon, your partners will be asked […]

5 useful products that are considered harmful © depositphotos.com In childhood, we ate butter with everything that came to hand, did not worry about the amount of sugar in fruit, and never refused the second portion of fried potatoes. Time did not stand still, and we learned what a metabolism […]

Headache © depositphotos.com When even the strongest drugs do not save headaches, painkillers and antispasmodics cause a nervous tic, and there is no strength left in a pharmacy, food will come to the rescue. Yes, it is in the refrigerator that you can find life-saving and healthy foods that can […]

Street Fashion Summer 2019: Top 15 Images © pinterest.com Streetwear fashion for the summer of 2019 is a way to express your "I" through a properly selected image. It is not in vain that trendsetters are constantly haunted by photographers, it is they who show us worthwhile examples of how […]

Insta-crib: 15 poses for a photo near the pool © pinterest.com Not only permanent wax depilations and overtime hours make us sad in the summer. Some barely begged for their vacation, finally packed a suitcase and found themselves in heavenly place. Only here the joy of this place is no, […]