Elena Zelenskaya © instagram.com/olenazelenska_official The first lady of Ukraine Elena Zelenskaya became the main character in the December issue of the Ukrainian Vogue. The author of the pictures was the Dutch photographer Paul Bellaart. In the photo, Elena Zelenskaya poses in outfits of Prada, Celine by Hedi Slimane and Lemaire. […]

Natural Makeup © depositphotos.com Excessive contouring, an abundance of tonal foundation, dark unnatural eyebrows and strongly summed up eyes have long gone out of fashion. Now the trend is nude make up, or natural makeup. This makeup is suitable for both young girls and older women. Thanks to natural makeup, […]

Demi Moore © gettyimages The famous Hollywood actress, mother of three children and just an amazing woman, Demi Moore, today marks the 57th anniversary (!!!). At 57, she looks just gorgeous! What is her secret? Demi Moore just knows how to look stunning if you are a little over 50. […]

Horoscope for November 2019 © tochka.net Horoscope on November 9, 2019: Aries This day should be devoted to the improvement of the family hearth. Changing the interior and moving furniture will give an excellent result. You should pay attention to solving the problems of your relatives. Your advice and guidance […]

7 ways to style short hair in winter 2020 © pinterest.com Not all of us have grown our hair, like Rapunzel’s, and can weave braids from them to the knees. We perfectly understand how you are tormented when another article about fashionable weaving for the winter or about incredible styling […]

Faux fur coat for winter © pinterest.com Recently it became known that the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II abandoned natural fur in favor of artificial fur. She finally listened to animal rights advocates and decided to support the global trend of using faux fur. By the way, this trend […]