The most beautiful dresses from the red carpet of the OIFF © Press Service of the Ukraine Channel Odessa International Film Festival kicked off yesterday, July 12th. The opening ceremony took place at the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. For the tenth time the local beau monde and […]

Be aware: Mattel released Barbie as David Bowie © We have already told you that the toy manufacturer Mattel has launched a series of inclusive Barbies: dolls in a wheelchair and with a prosthetic leg. And now we are in a hurry to tell you about Barbie's new collectible […]

Horoscope for July 2019 © Horoscope on July 13, 2019: Aries Today, family vacation will benefit you and delight loved ones. Try not to provoke a conflict because of domestic flaws, otherwise the partner will ruin your mood. In the afternoon, you better take care of acquiring new things. […]

5 coffee myths that everyone believes in © Now everything is harmful: gluten, caffeine, starvation, carbohydrates, carrot overeating. Where you do not look – everywhere food experts, fitness trainers and professionals from the world of healthy food and proper nutrition. Some foods are really better not to eat on […]

6 stylish summer looks Kendall Jenner © The Kardashian-Jenner family will never leave the covers of magazines. These are successful, inspirational, honest and frank girls who are not afraid to tell the smallest details about their lives. We experienced Kim’s shock after the divorce, tried to figure out who […]

Skirts that men do not like: TOP 5 options © Fashion and many men are two parallel lines that do not intersect in any of the existing universes. Although we, women, often go on about the trends and choose fashionable clothes for the season, it can not always please […]

Horoscope for July 2019 © Horoscope on July 12, 2019: Aries In the morning, take care of organizational issues. Colleagues will help solve your financial problems. Afternoon refrain from signing documents. Be attentive to your partners, there is a risk of cheating. In the evening, you will have to […]