The most effective watermelon masks for any type of facial skin © Summer is the time of vitamins. It is necessary to stock up with useful vitamins not only from the inside, but also externally, making various masks from fruits and vegetables. A wonderful anti-wrinkle cosmetic for toning and […]

Hairstyle bun has different types of styling © Instagram Each season, stylists try to surprise fashionistas from around the world with unusual hairstyles. But from year to year the beam, which is known for its variety of performance, is considered the most popular in the beauty industry. Especially for you, […]

Lesia Nikityuk vs Kendall Jenner © / Celebrities often appear in public in the same way. We cannot blame stylists or popular people for this, because fashion is merciless and the same for everyone. Foreign and Ukrainian stars can compete with each other. Popular Ukrainian presenter Lesya Nikityuk […]