Evgeny Komarovsky © instagram.com/doctor_komarovskiy The famous Ukrainian pediatrician Yevgeny Komarovsky, who is known as Dr. Komarovsky, continues to debunk coronavirus myths and improve medical literacy among his subscribers. Recently Komarovsky talked about why antibiotics are not worth drinking with coronavirus, and also taught us how to make an antiseptic at […]

Tomo Kiozumi works at New York Fashion Week 2020 © gettyimages.com READ ALSO: Trendy socks 2020 and whether they can become the main part of the summer look Trend of luxury legs 2020: miniskirts are back in fashion Accessories guide: trendy bandages and scarves for spring-summer 2020 And again Kylie […]

Foods that burn fat and help you lose weight © depositphotos.com Due to coronavirus in Ukraine, the quarantine was extended until April 24, which means that your meetings with the refrigerator will continue for several more weeks. However, it is not necessary to gain weight during quarantine. If you carefully […]

April 2020 horoscope © tochka.net Horoscope for April 6, 2020: Aries Today you should take care of solving financial issues. Your expenses far exceed incomes, take measures. In the afternoon, there may be difficulties in the operation of electrical appliances or household appliances. Do not burden yourself with household chores. […]