How to choose a practical, warm and along with the original sheepskin? The world’s leading designers in 2013-2014 advised to give preference to short women’s sheepskin coats or models of medium length. Fashion trends of the new season In 2013-2014, the most relevant are women’s winter shearling sheepskin with a […]

Dresses of the greatest Actresses of the 20th century is still sold at auction at a fabulous price. No wonder: because they are considered a symbol of style and elegance, and many women of today dream of at least touching the outfits worn by the inimitable Audrey Hepburn… In the […]

Jean Shrimpton/Lily-Rose DeppThe romance of space captivates the hearts of mere earthlings for more than half a century. It is understandable: the cold light of the stars and penetrating emptiness sung by science fiction writers, and Directors-futurists. That fashion appeals to the space subject for more than 50 years — […]