One of the main trends of the 2020 winter collection is stylish jeans made of denim or leather. The looks with this wardrobe detail always look spectacular and practical. It is worthwhile to carefully consider the main news of this season. The latest fashion Designers vyingly recommend adding baggy […]

In the cold season, it is especially important to include warm clothes in the wardrobe. The main position among them is a sweater. It gives warmth and comfort, and is also capable of translating the most interesting and practical ideas into creating an image. So, what to wear with a […]

Sneakers or sneakers with laces – the usual shoes that are familiar to everyone since childhood. Lace up sneakers is a simple matter, everyone has learned this since the time of kindergarten or school. Usually, everyone uses the classic way of lacing: crosswise, external or internal. But there are other, […]