Casual style: 15 cool looks for spring 2020

The word casual literally translates as casual or casual. It is these key qualities that determine the fashion direction. Casual style is chosen by women who like to look stylish, modern and comfortable. In fact, creating an image in this style is not quite an easy task. Many rely on their taste to choose not quite the right clothes and believe that they look in accordance with the casual style.

For a fashionable direction, things are acceptable not only differing in convenience, but also in elegance. In the material you can see the most relevant bows that can be used for any purpose.

Casual must-haves are jeans. Any style will suit the look: skinny, cropped, flared, boyfriends and more. For a full wardrobe in a fashionable style, you must have at least 2-3 pairs of jeans of different models. As a trouser suit or a classic – a black dress is required for a business style, so for a casual style – different jeans.

For a holistic look in casual style, you also need to choose the classic options for coats, jackets or vests. At the same time, you should not stop looking only at the fitted cut; outerwear of a free style or with a straight cut is also suitable. With the help of such options for outerwear, each new bow will be much more interesting and attractive.

Despite the fact that dresses and skirts are not the main subject of casual wardrobe, girls still combine elegant dresses with comfortable sneakers. The look with a light and airy dress will be incredibly romantic and delicate, and comfortable sneakers will allow you to walk in this outfit all night.

In a comfortable and elegant style, one simply cannot do without knitwear. Comfortable dresses, cardigans, sweaters are made from it. You can combine such wardrobe items not only with jeans, but also with comfortable trousers. By the way, knitwear is one of the main ones in multilayer images. The right combination of things will allow you to get a very stylish and modern bow in casual style.

Recently, ladies have become more likely to choose things in the style of oversize. A voluminous jacket, coat or dress will be a great addition to a casual wardrobe. Stylish wide sweaters can be combined with the same jeans and comfortable sneakers.

Casual style is the choice of modern women who are constantly on the move. Girls choose it not only because of the comfort of the image, but also because of the elegance of details and the luxury of the overall appearance.

And which image did you like the most? Looking forward to your comments!

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