Cargo pants are back in fashion – here's how to wear them

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Usually, when designers advise wearing things in a men's style, they mean soft oversize jackets or boyfriend jeans, but men's fashion is a real storehouse of stylish women's bows. And if you keep wondering what to wear in the fall of 2019, we suggest you start with a fashionable pair of cargo pants.

These trendy trousers for fall are loose straight-cut trousers with a wide belt and lots of pockets along the entire length of the trousers. Initially, they were intended for the military and were often made of very dense material, and the color scheme was limited to khaki and similar shades. Then they began to be worn for hunting and fishing, and in the 90s cargo pants gained popularity among women.

Now they are again in trend, and again do not leave the bands of glossy publications and street style shots. If you don’t know what to wear cargo pants with, the information in this article will certainly come in handy.

Cargo Pants with Leather Jacket

How about adding a little rebellion to the image? Try putting on cargo pants with a leather jacket, and ankle boots or high heel shoes will complete the look.

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Cargo pants with a feminine blouse

To thin the masculine cargo pants and add femininity, combine them with a light blouse and high heel shoes. This image is suitable for meeting with friends, lunch or going to work.

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Cargo pants with high boots

Cool autumn is the perfect time to combine cargo pants with high boots, and a warm scarf or cardigan will not only complement the look, but also will not let you freeze.

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Cargo pants with office outfit

Who said these pants should not be worn in the office? Combine them with classic shirts, stylish shoes and a capacious bag. This will instantly give your image professionalism.

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To keep warm in the cold season, combine cargo pants with boots and knit sweaters. In this outfit, you will look not only stylish, but also comfortable and warm.

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Jacket with Cargo Pants

You can combine cargo pants with classic cardigans or coats. That's what Victoria Beckham does. The designer combines these outfits with high-heeled shoes, and collects hair in a low bun or tail.

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Bright colours

Usually cargo pants come in limited shades of khaki or brown, but you can freely add brightness to your look by wearing a colorful blouse or t-shirt.

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Now that you know what to combine cargo pants with, we suggest you learn how to wear wide pants in 2019: TOP-15 fashionable looks for all occasions.


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